We Been Knew: VH1 Renews ‘Drag Race’ and ‘Untucked’ for Season 11

VH1 has officially told RuPaul’s Drag Race that it will shantay for an eleventh season.

Well, duh.


The Emmy-winning series’ tenth season is currently wrapping up and it’s the most-watched run in the show’s history, making it clear to everyone watching that another season would be on its way.

For those Drag Race fans who frequent the Drag Race and Drag Race Spoilers subreddit, they know that fans have already been hard at work unearthing which queens’ schedules have suddenly gone blank, indicating that they might be stomping into the Season 11 workroom.

Missing from the announcement is when exactly the season will return and any official mention of All-Stars 4, which has been the subject of speculation and tea spills throughout the fandom.  

So, see you next year, when your favorite show comes back to start all sorts of headaches and online arguments!

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