We Can’t Stop Watching Kim Petras’ New Video

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Noted INTO fave Kim Petras released a new music video for her song “Faded” this morning, and it’s

how you say

like flattening out a Hi-Chew and molding the soft candy disc around your eyeball like a terrible contact lens that doesn’t work but it’s fine. It’s like popping a couple vintage HitClips into a food processor along with a pair of unfrozen Otter Pops and Neti Potting the mixture that results. It’s likeI don’t know, watch the video yourself!

In an interview with Noisey, who premiered “Faded” on Thursday, Kim said that she and director Nicholas Harwood wanted the video to be cute but not too cute, candy-coated but covered in a little lint.

The 25-year-old German singer also told the site that she’s “dropping a lot more singles” and videos and basically “readying everything” for her eventual pop music takeover.

“I’ve always felt part of pop music, since the days of Spice Girls, Britney and Christina, and I’ve always been obsessed with what makes a great pop song,” Kim said. “There’s something about making a song that everybody can sing and remember, and when you listen to it the first time you already know the words by the second chorus, like you’ve always known the song. I’m obsessed with that idea.”

Well, that would explain why we’re so into her stuff.

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