Well, It Looks Like ‘Queer Eye’ Food Guru Antoni Porowski Is a Boyfriend Twin

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Are we seeing double?

Turns out that resident Queer Eye chef Antoni Porowski has a boo who looks suspiciously like him? As Porowski’s star rises, and people question whether or not he can actually cook, several articles have made mention of Porowski’s boyfriend, Joey Krietemeyer. Krietemeyer was mentioned in a recent Bustle article about Porowski and the two were also subjects of an Apartment Therapy article about their Brooklyn digs.

A quick skim of their Instagram presences show the two have a lot in common, facially speaking.


A post shared by Joey Krietemeyer (@jkrietemeyer) on

For those who haven’t heard the term “boyfriend twin,” there’s actually a whole Tumblr account dedicated to the phenomenon of men who really want to date themselves. The blog’s creator told BuzzFeed the account was made to spark conversations on “narcissism, exhibition and sexuality.”

One 2014 Slate article explored the phenomenon further, finding studies that show that people are, in general, attracted to people who have similar features to them. The theories abound: some people believe facial similarities are to blame, while others think “template formation” comes into play, meaning they find people attractive based on what kind of faces they grew up seeing at a young age. The article also pointed to one 2004 study that found that people are attracted to people who share similar numbers in their birthdays and similar letters in their names.

So, science aside, it seems kinda on-the-nose that the food guy is the one with the boyfriend twin, right?

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