Wentworth Miller & Russell Tovey Share a Super Gay Kiss on ‘The Flash’

· Updated on May 28, 2018

The CW’s superhero universe has become a diverse myriad of our favorite DC comic characters, most notably including a lesbian relationship in Supergirl. Now there’s something for the gay boys too.

This week, our geekdom was piqued when the CW indulged us with another superhero crossover event. Our gaydom was also piqued with the introduction of a new gay hero, The Ray, as portrayed by Russell Tovey (Looking). As the super friends reunited for Barry Allen and Iris West’s wedding, they end up in a battle on Earth X, an alternate universe where the Nazis won WWII and Ray was a prisoner of a concentration camp.

Tovey is a very welcome addition to the ensemble of superheroes. And if those charming ears weren’t enough to swoon over, we were also treated to a super gay kiss. During The Flash, he locked lips with Captain Cold (fellow gay actor, Wentworth Miller). What better way to defeat Nazis than with some good old fashion queer love?

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