We’re Hosting A Queer Performance That History Can’t Ignore — And You’re Invited

· Updated on May 28, 2018

We are helping throw a big queer party with some incredible friends and you’re invited.

Starting March 15th at The Theatre atAce Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, Taylor Mac will be bringing his ‘A 24-Decade History of Popular Music’ to the West Coast for two weeks. The show has quickly become Mac’s most famous work and helped him land a MacArthur Genius Award and Pulitzer nomination just last year.

And that was largely due to the fact that the show not only brings you glitz and glamour but also gives a perspective into our history that is so often erased.

“There’s not a lot of history in the books about queers so I thought lets make a show that’s so big that it can’t be ignored,” Mac told INTO in a short-documentary released today with our partnership announcement. “[T}hat’s so queer that the history books have to write about it.”

The show will be cut down from it’s original 24-hour run and now into (4) chapters that run around 6 hours a piece. Below are the details with a link to buy tickets.

We hope to see you there. Oh, and get a sneak peak above.


CHAPTER I: 1776-1836 (Thu, Mar 15)

Where else to start but with the birth of America? The American Revolution, the advent of women’s lib and a colonial heteronormative narrative debunked!

CHAPTER 2: 1836-1896 (Sat, Mar 17)

The queerest Civil War reenactment in history, an escape on the Underground Railroad, and a psychedelic dinner theater production of “The Mikado” set on Mars!

CHAPTER 3: 1896-1956 (Thu, Mar 22)

Coming to America- family life in a Jewish tenement, the War to End all Wars, a speakeasy, a zoot suit riot and white people flee the cities!

CHAPTER 4: 1956-Present (Sat, Mar 24)

Bayard Rustin’s “March on Washington” leads to a queer riot, sexual deviance as revolution, radical lesbians and a community building itself while under siege.

For tickets and more info go to cap.ucla.edu/TaylorMac

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