Cornelia Street?

Why is Taylor Swift frequenting this legendary NYC gay club?

The Box is an LES institution. When it comes to queer New York nightlife, Simon Hammerstein’s club has long been famous for its peak-Limelight-era vibes, avant-garde queer performers, and celebrity sightings. In 2017, Vanity Fair dubbed the nightclub New York’s “hottest freak show.”

So of course it comes as no surprise that Miss Americana herself has been seen of late frequenting the fabled 2010s-era hotspot. That’s right: Taylor Swift is putting in long, hard hours at the Box, probably witnessing some truly wild performance art and loving every minute of it.

The throwback destination served as the setting for Swift’s 34th birthday party, after which she was snapped holding hands with a gal pal…with Travis Kelce nowhere in sight.

Naturally, folks are loving the 2010s era realness she’s serving.

Take us all the way back to the days of 4Loko, babe!

A millennial queen doesn’t need to follow trends: she sets them. By going back in time.

What was she doing in there?

Now there’s even more controversy afoot, because while Entertainment Tonight reported the story and named-checked The Box, other fans are noticing something contradictory about the photos. Namely that they seem like they’re from Banzarbar, which is right next door to The Box…

We can dream, is the thing. We can entertain 2010 fantasies of Taylor Swift witnessing the second coming of Leigh Bowery at The Box, even if it doesn’t happen to be true.

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