William Attempts To Apologize For Transphobic Comments In New Video

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Drag star Willam took to his YouTube channel to address transphobic comments he made during a segment of his show “Suck Less” featuring fellow Drag Race alum Courtney Act.

During the original segment, Willam and Courtney were addressing a viewer who wrote in with a question about whether it was possible to feel sexual pleasure while dating a transgender man. While addressing the question, Willam alluded to Brandon Teena, the subject of the film Boys Don’t Cry and said, “Just because someone says they’re a boy doesn’t make them a boy.”

Overall, the 15-minute clip shows Willam out of drag in conversation with Alaska, Courtney Act and others, trying to grapple with some of the comments and he made and concepts he’s yet to understand. Courtney and Willam sit down to discuss why the gender binary is bad and Courtney breaks down gender fluidity.

You can see Willam discuss his trans comments specifically at about the 6:30 mark.

“I feel bad about how I made people feel about it and this is my official apology,” Willam says to the camera.

“I’m sad that me not knowing these things made my friends feel some kind of way,” he continues. “What I do makes me a known entity or a public figure, so I have to be more responsible for my words.”

The video also shows Willam call drag queen Courtney Conquer to apologize for comments he made about women who perform in drag.

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