World’s Strongest Man Has His Way with Tom Daley

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Tom Daley has long been the object of many a gay man’s affection. Whether he’s swimming for gold in a speedo, making YouTube videos in a speedo, or lounging around with hubby Dustin Lance Black in a speedo, there’s just something about him that appeals to his gay audience. Who knows?

The Olympic golden boy recently co-hosted the red carpet at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards with Radio 1Xtra. While Daley put on his journalist hat and his ugly Christmas sweater, he greeted British TV and sports personalities and took questions from Facebook viewers. But one guest, in particular, made an impression.

Eddie Hall, the current title holder of “World’s Strongest Man,” stopped by to say hi and give Daley a lift. In addition to a brief interview, he indulged the bronze medalist and lifted him over his head. Weighing in at only 72kg (158lb), Daley was no feat for Hall, who’s the only man to have ever deadlifted a half ton.

So, there you have it. If you need a little motivation to get started on those New Year’s resolutions, perhaps one day you too could lift an Olympic swimmer over your head. Or at least go for that swimmer’s bod, and you too could score an Academy Award-winning screenwriter and a fairytale castle wedding.

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