She did what??

Here are the best reactions to this Caitlyn Jenner news

· Updated on May 2, 2021

Didn’t you hear, babe? Caitlin Jenner is running for California Governor.

Why, you ask? We don’t know. We don’t know anything. We know that sometimes celebrities get bored and do things, and that this may very well be one of those instances.

What we also know is that the internet is hilarious, specifically the trans internet. And we on the trans internet (and the regular internet!) are having some very strong feelings about this announcement. 

Writer Katelyn Burns of the podcast “Cancel Me, Daddy”, put it in terms we can all understand.

Study Hall’s P.E. Moskowitz had this exciting announcement:

Against Me! singer Laura Jane Grace was just tired.

And @SaintHoax gave us the perfect GIF for the occasion:

Writer Kimberly Drew took the occasion to point out that some folks, like Missouri House of Representatives hopeful Kendall Martinez-Wright, deserve the spotlight much, much more:

While user @OnlyPianos admitted that sometimes representation at all costs can be…a problem.

Comedian and podcaster Mia Moore had this to say:

And I think we can all agree with All Trans Lives Matter CEO Ada J when she says:

We’ll just let Constitutional Law Attorney Jenna Ellis have the last tweet on the subject:

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