Coming Out As Bisexual To My Mom While Shopping

· Updated on June 20, 2018

Journalist Alex Berg came out as bisexual nearly a decade ago during a shopping trip, and her mom wasn’t initially accepting due to believing damaging tropes about bisexual people.

This was quite a surprise for Alex. She didn’t realize her mother, too, held these beliefs that we see in the media way too often.

However,this moment has become a way an explicit way for her not only to know that stigma around bisexual people runs rampant even within those we love but also how coming out and talking to those close to us can help change that stigma.

For National Coming Out Day, we’ve partnered with the non-profit Coming Out to spotlight a few stories from different LGBTQ people on their coming out stories, and not just the moment of ‘coming out’ not Just Alex’s.

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