Couple Mark and Rey Talk About Falling in Love at First Sight in ‘Queer Love’ Episode 2

Romeo saw Juliet from below her balcony. Mark and Rey saw each other on Instagram.

The latter may sound less romantic when you put it that way. But if there’s one thing we know about love in the 21st century — particularly queer love — it’s that it can happen anywhere. And watching personal trainer Mark and actor Rey speak about each other and interact in this week’s episode of Queer Love makes it clear: these guys are head over heels.

It may never have happened, though, if Rey hadn’t been brave enough to reach out first via DM. They hung out shortly after, but it didn’t take long for their connection to become permanent.

In the second episode of Queer Love, Mark and Rey give us the details on how they fell in love — including a connection through eyesight that couldn’t be ignored.

Watch the full video below.

And if you missed the first episode of Queer Love, featuring girlfriends Cairo and Aminah, you can catch up by watching it below.

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