Do We SSsssound Gay?

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Hola Biutifuls,

We go a-lisping on this week’s episode of Food 4 Thot, while we talk all about gay voices, and what it means to have one. Our guest-ho this week is writer Jayson Smith who in addition to being a goddamn genius, is also low-key a singer. Did you get made fun of for your voice as a kid? Do you like it or hate it now? Relatedly, Whitney vs. Mariah who was the most vocally talented? The Thots go in.

Also this week! We discuss sexting, angsty teens, and shirtless selfies. Plus Jayson gives us an Impure Thot story that stars a very, very nice pair of grey sweatpants.

Xx The Thots

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