Do You Even Conceal, Bro?

· Updated on May 29, 2018

Whether you have a first date, big interview, or just need to look your best, every guy should have a concealer in his grooming arsenal. Here are our five favorite concealers:

Glossier Stretch Concealer

Miracle worker.

I feel a little bit like the girl in Swimfan when it comes to this concealer: Obsessed! The texture is a light to medium and does wonders under the eyes. The micro-waxes move with the skin and never crease. The finish is hydrated and natural. It seriously looks just like healthy, hydrated skin. This is a great option for guys who do not want to be clocked wearing make up.

Milk Makeup Concealer

All purpose handyman.

The convenient stick applicator makes this concealer great to carry with you. Just dab it on and blend it out with your finger. This is a solid medium finish, and it’s great for any blemishes and for putting under the eyes. The melt technology helps the product sink into the skin for a flawless finish. This would be a great addition to any gym bag.

Tom Ford Concealer for Men

Gag on the eleganza.

Tom Ford equals luxury, and this product is no exception. This sleek roll-up and easy to use stick formula concealer is worth its heavy price tag. The full coverage factor makes this stick great for photos and formal events. This product is also really great for oily skin types, and the long wear formula doesn’t break down throughout the day.

W3ll People Bio Correct Multi-Action Concealer

Ingredient conscious.

If you prefer to avoid artificial chemicals like parabens, propylene glycol, and dimethicone, W3ll People is the brand for you. Not only is this concealer vegan and made from sustainable energy, W3ll People replaced the harsh chemicals with beneficial natural ingredients like algae, coffee, peptides, and pomegranate. This concealer brightens and de-puffs while concealing.

NYX Concealer Jar

Amazing price, amazing product.

This high power concealer is full coverage and only $5.00. NYX makes high-performing products for very reasonable prices. This concealer is heavy duty and great for covering any kind of imperfection from blotchiness to pimples. The staying power of this concealer is ideal for a night out dancing or even the gym. You can also pick this up at almost any drug store. Just be careful not to use too much.

Selecting a shade:

Try to find a perfect skin match, especially if you’re looking for blemish coverage. The concealer should melt perfectly into the skin with no signs of demarcation. The only exception to this is if you’re focusing primarily on coverage for under your eyes. In that case, you can go a shade lighter to help brighten up your face. If you prefer shopping online, I recommend Googling swatches on someone’s arm to help you select the color. The shoppable color selections can be misleading.

For the most natural application, use a clean finger. Take a tiny bit of concealer, and place it on the tip of your finger. Then, take your finger and gently dab until you have sufficient coverage. The heat from your finger will help the product melt into the skin. If you apply directly from the tube or stick, you could risk applying too much. Here’s a great tip: If you’re focusing on under your eyes, imitate a Nike check by starting in the inner corner of your eye and follow up your cheek, blending along the way. For extra effectiveness, apply a great eye cream first.

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