Does Netflixing for Nine Hours in Bed Count as Self Care?

· Updated on June 20, 2018

Hello little glow worms,

Boy, do we have a juicy episode of Food 4 Thot for y’all. This week, the New York Times’ Jenna Wortham joins us in the studio for a thot-provoking little conversation about *wellness* and all its woes. How do we, as queer people, have to overcompensate for our self-care in the wake of trauma? To what extent is “self care” an excuse to be lazy, irresponsible, or a bad friend? What are the best Tips for Thots to up our wellness game? Spoiler: Do not put a crystal egg inside your butthole.

Also! Miss Jenny Deluxe graces our ears with a thotty little story of catfishing & scandal. Plus! We play a classic game of Homonym and discuss the Great Tragedy of RuPaul, the legacy of Lady Godiva, and the pros/cons of jalepeño poppers.

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