#HairGoals: Styles That Make The Cut

· Updated on May 29, 2018

We all know a friend who’s had the same haircut for years. It’s almost like they wake up in the morning and put the same wig on every day. But it’s time to look in the mirror and ask yourself: “Whooooooo is that gurl I seeeeee?” Are YOU the friend who’s stuck in a hair rut? We get it, hair is tricky and change can be terrifying, but when you’re ready to take a move from Mulan’s playbook and change up your look, here are some hot summer #HairGoals to help you get inspired.


Grab your sex wax and lube up your longboard. Surfer coolness is casual and no-fuss, so this look requires a great haircut with minimal styling and product. The shaggy cut works well with all hair textures, but pulling this off will require a conversation with your hairstylist about what cut will complement your hair texture and face shape. Think 70’s Brazilian surfer spending the summer eating tacos on Venice beach. If styling your hair with salt air isn’t a realistic option, a great sea salt spray applied on wet hair will achieve the same effect. It will give your hair a little grit so you can just run your fingers through it when you need to re-amp your volume. Just add tacos.

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The hardest part of this style is growing it out. Only the very patient (or very lazy) will achieve this coveted, grungy look. Once you reach your desired length, just add some grooming cream and go. This cut looks the best with no structure. Slick it back and then let it fall for a total 90’s throwback!

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Photo credit: Dylan Jagger Lee by Damon BakerShaved Skin Fade

Shaving off your hair can be very liberating. And a good skin fade is undeniably sexy. This is a great option for anyone who needs a low maintenance option for a hot summer. Have a conversation with your barber about where your fade should start: low, medium, or high. A skin fade should blend out to just skin. This look requires minimal product, but we recommend a great scalp clarifying shampoo and, of course, sunscreen. Without the hair that’s usually acting as your SPF, your skin will now be directly exposed to the sun. Before you leave, be sure to schedule your next visit to the barber in three to four weeks– fades may be simple to wear, but the key to maintaining this look is keeping it sharp.

Photo credit: Zayn by Adrain DennisBleach Blonde  

When in doubt, bleach it out. Every gay man should bleach his hair for a summer. It feels edgy and cool; you can’t not feel like a badass. But, gurl, please leave this to a professional. There are many hair shades of oh-hell-no before you get to a yes! The best part is when you start to tire of the bleached-out blonde look, it’s super easy to transition to a color. We love the bleached out sea foam green on Frank Ocean. A blonde-specific shampoo will help you keep your blonde brighter for longer, but only use it every four washes to avoid drying out your hair.

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