Come Out, Come Out...

Happy Coming Out Day From Everyone on the Internet

There are so many ways to come out, and they’re all good. As long as you’re in a safe place and have a support system around you, you’re going to be just fine, babe. But in case you need some extra support, the Internet is here, and it’s on your side. 

Ready to come out? Or simply want to relive the glory of busting out of the closet? We’ve siphoned the best posts and categorized them: we’ve got the earnest, the silly, and last but certainly not least, the pandering corporate. 





Wattpad and Maybelline WANT to hear your COMING OUT STORIES

Look, here are some gay people who work for us!

Wow, my dude Mr. P can honor mental health awareness day but I can’t get a “happy coming out day?” Wow.

And finally, a classic throwback!

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