How to Have Yourself a Thotty Little Christmas

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Ho Ho Ho, heauxs.

Here’s a little XXX-mas special. For our holiday episode, we’re re-gifting you our most recent live show! The thots donned some gay apparel and took to the stage the other week at Ace Hotel New York. After a quick lil game of Thotty Mad Libs (it’s exactly what it sounds like) the Thots share the stage with three queer rockstars, who each share a riveting, ridiculous, delirious, delectable Impure Thot our recurring segment of sexy storytelling.

First up, we have Broad City actor and comedian Bowen Yang, who tells a tale in which he accidentally tries an extremely illegal substance. (Find out which one!!!) Then, we have the sweet dream and beautiful nightmare Harron Walker (also an INTO contributor, duh) who shares a story that involves the phrase “all-girl bukake.” To close us out, we have queer mermaid genius Janea Kelly who shares what can only be described as an Epic of Thottery, she is basically a neon-wig-wearing Virgil. Y’all are in for a treat.

Cheers, queers

The Thots

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