Is “Adulting” Heteronormative?

· Updated on May 28, 2018


Are y’all feeling peckish?

In this episode, we start a new segment where we talk about everything that made us cry this week (lol), for our Impure Thot segment, in which a thot shares a scandalous, ridiculous, rambunctious, salacious, and cinematic, slutty sex story, Joe shares a nightmarish cautionary tale involving a full bottle of poppers and his mom’s Subaru Forester. Plus, we discuss our favorite video on the Internet. Who needs daily vitamins when you have Rihanna?

Our theme this week is “adulthood.” Unlike Roy Moore’s preferred sexual partners, we Thots have come of age. But what does growing up *really* mean, and when do y’all feel your most adult especially when the constraints of adulthood are so defined by heteronormative structures? Are you still an adult if your parents are paying your phone bill? Are you still an adult if you spend your Thursday nights eating flaming hot Cheetos and crying in bed, subtweeting your ex and filling your IKEA duvet cover with unhealthy-smelling farts? The Thots get to the bottom of this, pun intended.


Xx The Thots


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