Kiss My Astro: Here’s Your February Horoscope

· Updated on May 28, 2018


The most exciting adventures begin when you give up on knowing how they’ll end. Throw away any ideas you have about what you think you’re looking foror rather, what you think you’re destined to find. Let yourself be genuinely surprised this month, and remember that it pays to be patient. Don’t give up too soon just because you think you know where it’s goingthe longer you stick around and ask questions, the more you’ll learn about how this guy (or this party or this marriage or this orgy) isn’t anything like what you expected!


Don’t get hung up this month on comparing yourself to anyone elseor even to your past self. Take stock of what’s made you who you are today. Everything about how you are at this moment is perfect when seen through the eyes of love. How easy is it to see that about yourself right now? Can you begin to forgive your imperfections and your past mistakes? Can you trust that someone new will see what is best about you, too? Take a leap of faith, and don’t let anyone shake your confidence.


How many parties have you been to this month? Are you in hibernation mode, color coordinating your book collection and doing massive jigsaw puzzles? Or have you been the one party queer keeping the scene together, running all over the city trying to keep up with everyone? Chances are you’re overdoing it this month, in one direction or the other. Take a break from whichever role is starting to feel exhausting (even if it’s comfortable) and treat yourself to a very different adventure right now.


You may be feeling a lot that’s hard to put into words this month. To be honest, you may be a little tired of feeling things so intensely. Nevertheless, you’re getting some important information from your heart right now and it’s going to help you come to terms with something from your past that you’re ready to release. Let your guard down, let someone see your vulnerability, and trust that you’ll come out the other side of this even stronger.


What if I told you that you don’t have to try to impress anyone anymorethat you’re impressive enough already? What’s blocking you from trusting that you are delightful and magnetic, endearing and adorable? The more you can trust this, right now, the easier it will be to open yourself up to really listening to and loving someone else without fear. Let yourself get curious.


You shouldn’t have to do all the work in any relationship. If you have to initiate every date, if you stress over the right casual text banter, if you’re always the one to point out that a relationship has changedthis is the month you get to go on strike. Dare to not care. Remember that you deserve to have just as much fun as anyone else, if not more.


Honey, you’ve got no time to stay at home moping about the latest tragedy. Whether you’re nursing a broken heart or just way too tuned into each news story, you’ve been spending too much time bouncing between anxious and sad. This month, you get to turn that around. Your best medicine right now is a healthy sense of humor cut with a huge dose of defiance. Don’t like the stories on rotation in your head? Go out there and make a better one!


Let’s talk about trust. There’s no such thing as totally safe sex, only “safer sex”and there’s no such thing as totally safe love, either. But this month brings up all your deep feelings about safety, including what you need to really trust someone. Don’t think you can ever really trust anyone? Start by asking what you’d need to trust yourself. Once you know how it feels to make good decisions for yourself, it’ll be much easier to see who else is out there that’s worth teaming up withfor one night or a lifetime.


Relationships shouldn’t be like Groundhog Day, where you have to repeat the same mistakes over and over until you finally change something. Too often, though, that’s the path you’re on. It’s not that you’re a slow learner, you’re just really fast to jump into a new connection and think it will be entirely different than your last one! This month gives you a great chance to end an old pattern. What are you totally done repeating? Write it down, tape it to your mirror, and say goodbye.


Sure, you’re sexy when you channel Don Draper or any other cliché of strong, silent masculinity. But that doesn’t have to be the only wig in your box, as it were. Have a ball playing whatever role floats your boat, but remember that in any intimate relationship you have to be emotionally vulnerable if you want any of the good stuffbeing seen and loved for all of your parts, not just the ones that would work to impress a stranger in a bar. Whatever type of relationship you’re looking for right now, dare to expect more from your partner by showing them more of yourself.


The next six months will begin a brand new chapter in your romantic life. If you’re partnered, expect some revelations and changes in that partnership that will help you both uncover unspoken assumptions and feelings. If you’re looking for a new connection, prepare to be totally surprised by what you find. Just remember that learning new dance steps can make you feel a little uncoordinated at first, but practice will make perfect!


It’s easy for you to open your heart to just about anyone if they tell you a sad story or even just sigh loudly in your presence. This month, remember that you don’t have to take on everyone else’s troubles, even if it does give you a nice warm thrill to help out. Find those warm thrills by giving a little extra energy to the people who really matter, and by saving some for yourself at the end of the day.

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