Kiss My Astro: Your December Horoscope

· Updated on May 28, 2018


Be careful this month, because you just might get what you want. The worst thing about satisfying our strongest desires is that we discover what we wanted might not have been what we really wanted…or what we want right now. Let yourself explore desire in all its forms right now, and you’ll learn what you’re really looking for. It might surprise you!


This is a month when those of y’all in good partnerships will really be able to stabilize and thrive in them, and the rest of us will have some beautiful experiences in learning what we would need to have good partnershipswhether those are monogamous, poly, romantic, or platonic. Think about who you want on your team, what you want to give, and what your best experiences of partnership have been so far. Then prepare to top them!


In order to have the life you want, the love you want, and the passion you want, you’ve got to start by just getting focused. What have you been ignoring in your daily life? Have you been future-tripping so much you’ve lost sight of the here-and-now? Take a pause, take a breath, and slow down just a little. The more specific you can get right now about where you’re trying to get to, the faster you can get there.


Honey, you better not spend this month rearranging your bookshelf or catching up on some prestige television. Even if you identify as an introvert, this is a time when you are able to really shine in the wider world. You know what is amazing about you. Can you trust that other people will be amazed if you give them a chance? Romance, flirtation, and all kinds of new connections are possible right now, but you’ve gotta show up for them.


There are certain magical times in our lives when everything flows perfectly, when the energy picks us up and pushes us alongall-night dance parties, epic lovemaking, being deeply in the groove of whatever it is you do best. This month promises you a few of these times, if you play your cards right. Remember that in order to be open to this kind of magic you have to take risks and be open to disappointment, as well. Don’t let that be the final word, though! Usually it’s just something we have to get through to get to the good stuff.


Oh, sweetie, you’ve got something golden on the horizon right now and you can’t quite tell yet if it’s fool’s gold. This is a month when everything you long for feels very close and very possible…but you’ve got to make some careful decisions! Use your wits, your common sense, and don’t be afraid to go slow. Anything really good won’t disappear quickly.


Now is the time that you stop putting everyone else’s needs and opinions before your own. It’s okay to want what you want and to love what you love. You’re not going to drive people away by asking for what you wantit’s demanding or not ever asking that will actually cause problems. Luckily for you, you’ve got some extra support right now. Use it to take a chance on asking for a little more.


Everyone wants your number right now, whether they show it or not. At the very least, folks are paying attention and feeling…intrigued. This month your magnetism is at an all-time high, and your main job is to understand what you really want to be attracting. You know all about passion, intensity, and bad ideas that feel so goodwhat would it feel like to pursue something lighthearted and playful?


There’s nothing wrong with being a homebody right now. You may prefer the company of your animal companions or domestic friends more than anyone you’d have to seriously groom for. Get cozy. Recognize you can recover from adventures that may have gotten you into more trouble than you expected. Take this time to replenish yourself.


You may not identify as flowery or poetic, but this is a month that brings out your inner romantic. Your heart is more open, your senses heightened, and, above all, you’re in touch with that vision you once had of how beautiful the world could be. Years of cynicism may wash away in one day. It’s okay if that happens, they weren’t what was keeping you strong. Let yourself melt a little!


Don’t doubt yourself. You may not think you have the skills, the experience, the strength, or the status to pursue what you want–that’s all nonsense. This month helps you remember your real worth, and what you have to offer. Don’t be shy, don’t talk yourself out of anything. Trust your instincts, and trust yourself.


You’re going to want to go big right now. This isn’t a month for subtlety. If you’ve been accused of being a little ultra, this is the month to prove the haters right and then some. You have a beautiful opportunity this month to exude a certain kind of sexiness and charm that is yours alone, but that will appeal to more people than you realized. Don’t lose your sense of self in the glamour, but enjoy being able to step into it when you want to!

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