Kiss My Astro: Your Horoscope for January 2018

· Updated on May 28, 2018


2017 may be over, but you can’t put it all behind you yet. This year brings you back to a lot of the choices you made and asks you to consider their consequences. If you’re thrilled about the changes you’ve been makingsaying no to toxic dynamics, exploring something new and exciting, getting more in touch with your true desiresthis won’t be a bad thing! But if in your rush to start over and feel more alive you’ve neglected or wrecked a few important relationships, this month helps you take stock of what you can do to make amends and be more careful in the future.


Finally, it’s happening for you. This year begins with a strong dose of realism in your love life, but don’t worryyou need to take stock of where you’re at before you can get where you need to be. Your mantra for this year is to dream big and then plan small: identify and commit to the small things you can do to have the kind of love or sex or poly family you desire. Whatever it is you’re looking for, this is the year you’re learning how to recognize it when you’ve found it. Don’t be afraid to actually get what you want!


Baby, you’ve got nothing to do right now but let go and give up controlunless, of course, domming is your way to unwind. But this is one of those beautiful months when you get to exhale deeply and hit the snooze button a few more times, preferably while snuggling up with some hot guy who doesn’t mind you pressing your cold feet against him. 2018 will be a gentler, easier year for you than the last few have been, so take this time to acknowledge that you are fully done with a lot of that chaos and bid it a fond farewell!


Your sign is known for being cuddly and sensitive, but you’re tougher than you look. This year, you’ll get to show the world that you mean business. But first, you’ll need to toss out any outdated ideas of what kind of “man” you have to be to get respect, to be hot, to be taken seriously. You can act like Don Draper all day long, but only if it turns you on to play that role. If not, remember that sensitivity and strength aren’t mutually exclusive, and hold out for lovers and partners that understand that, too!


What’s missing in your love life right now? Is that really easy to answer (“duh, I haven’t had a good date in years!”) or is it harder to definelike a vague feeling that you’re not really lovable, desirable, or able to have the kinds of relationships you want? Whatever insecurity or anxiety you have about romance right now, take a good look at it and get ready to say goodbye. This month, you get to see yourself and your love life from a brand new perspective.


Sweetie, it’s time for you to have some good loving in your life. Last year was a hot mess in a few wayswhile some really good things have come out of it, you’re ready for everything to calm down a little. Luckily, that’s exactly what’s in the stars for you right now. Just watch out for your tendency to overthink everything, spinning it into best-case or worst-case scenario without a lot of evidence. Slow your roll a little, be patient, and you’ll see that things are better than you feared (if not quite as perfect as you hoped).


You can leave your house this month if you really want to, but wouldn’t it be nice to just keep ordering takeout and staying cozy? One thing you’re looking for from love right now is a sense of belonging, and if your dates don’t feel like the kind that you can take home and integrate into your world it’s time to start looking for a different kind of man. Next time you’re at the bar or swiping left, ask yourself: is this someone I could feel deeply at home with?


Repeat after me: you don’t need that old, tired nonsense anymore! As you ring in the new year, say goodbye not only to 2017 but to every bad date, flaky acquaintance, disappointing lover, friend meltdown, and general relationship drama. This year won’t magically teach everyone how to do better, but you do get to choose exactly how much room you have in your life for anything that drains you more than it feeds you. Most importantly, once you free up a little space in your mind and heart, you’ll start meeting the people who you won’t be glad to be rid of come 2019.


Take some time this month to pour yourself a tall glass of your favorite beverage, put on some triumphant music, look at yourself in the mirror, and make a toast to how badass you’ve become. If your love life is a gym, this year has seen you lifting some serious weights. Whatever your actual body looks like right now in the dead of winter, you’ve got built up some major strength when it comes to knowing how to be a caring, honest, thoughtful, and respectful partner. And guess what? Now you get to drop those weights, flex those muscles, and show that you still know how to have a good time, too.


Whatever it is you want most right now, it’s time to take that seriously. Don’t let shame or a fake sense of realism (“someone like that would never be into me”) block you. You get to create the life that actually helps you thrive, and if there’s a missing ingredient, you have to find it. Begin by trusting that it’s possible and that you deserve it. Next step? Learn how to recognize the right fit, even if it means saying no to close-but-not-perfect options for a little while.


If you think you know exactly how you want your life and relationships to look, get ready to be surprised. Whatever choices you’ve made so far, this is a year for experimentation. Especially in the second half of this month, you’re getting a whole new outlook on what might feel good to youpossibly by having a few “oh hell, no!” moments along the way. Stay curious, treat it all as useful information, and remember that you don’t have to know right now where you’ll end up!


This year, you get to be the gay agent of change you wish to see in the world. Tired of the scene being overly focused on appearances? Go on some dates with people you wouldn’t have chosen just for their looks. Wishing someone recognized how deeply incredible you are? Begin by falling in love with yourself. And when you have the love you want, remember not to be stingy with it.

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