Kiss My Astro: Your July Horoscope

With Mars in retrograde this month (and all summer!), expect more thwarted desires than easy connections. Mars, planet of lust and anger and self-assertion, helps us get what we want. When planets move retrograde, it’s like losing our keys and needing to retrace our steps to find them. Depending on the choices you’ve been making, that could bring you back in touch with a long-lost love or an abrasive one-night-stand you’d hoped to never see again. A few eclipses this month—a solar eclipse in Cancer on the 12th, and a lunar eclipse in Aquarius on the 27th—keep things interesting. Whatever you start this month, expect it to surprise you! Keep your cool and keep your eyes open, as there’s a lot going on under the surface that won’t be clear yet. 


What have you done in order to not be lonely? What do you want to do next time that feeling comes on so strong you’d do anything to drive it away? I’d suggest you start by releasing any shame you feel about being, as Morrissey sang, a human who needs to be loved, just like everybody else does. The Cancer eclipse on the 12th is an especially good time to take a long look in the mirror and welcome all the hurt and lonely parts of yourself with open arms. Welcome to being human. Welcome to loving yourself enough to let someone else really know you. 


Though you tend to move slowly, this is a month when you could be chatting up a storm. Your interest is piqued by more people than you’d expect—and you may be more interested in verbalizing things you usually leave unsaid. Stay open to surprises, and don’t take anything too seriously just yet. And if you’re getting too caught up in making a good first impression, remember that you don’t need to impress everyone. Trust that the ones that matter will see be anxious to make a good impression on *you.*  


All kinds of new things begin for you next month—what are you doing right now to help them grow? This is a time to be slow, thoughtful, and intentional about who you want to give your time to. Try not to be all things to all people right now, or keep too many backup plans in play at once—it’ll be more relaxing to focus. Don’t waste your time second guessing or overplanning things—trust that if you act in good faith you’ll be able to spot someone who isn’t on the level. Meanwhile, enjoy some simple pleasure this month. They should be ample! 


With the eclipse in your sign this month, you’re getting a taste of what 2019 will feel like for you. Expect July to rock your world in a few different ways! You’re discovering something dramatically new about yourself, and everything else will have to change accordingly. Don’t be impatient to know what’s coming next, though—you’re still feeling your way into it. Especially on the 12th, take some time to envision where you’d like to be in six months. Dream it now so you can be it later.  


You can never get enough of what you don’t really need, and honey, you’ve been getting so much of that lately you’re starving for what you do need. This month helps you get unstuck. Delete those old text messages. Throw away your ex’s shirt. Forget about whatever social media is telling you is important right now. You know what’s sacred in your life. Who shares your dreams and visions? Who helps you feel like anything is possible? Be a little choosier about who you grace with your presence this month, and remember that if it’s not making you sing Allelujah it’s not worth it.  


July promises to be a full-throttle rodeo of possibilities, and luckily for you, it’s not your first rodeo. You’ll want to be where the action is, even if you’re not sure you want to be *doing* whatever the action is. Workaholism is your worst enemy right now, so go ahead and schedule a few sick days into your summer calendar so you’ll have to take some time off.  Get out there and get into something! Even if you wallflower your way through every party of the summer—you’ll be happier amongst your people than at home wondering if you still have any friends. It’s time to make some new friends. 


Do you know what an incredible catch you are? Does some part of you doubt it? This is the time to confront those fears, and not by obsessing over what you can improve about yourself. There’s a big difference between seeing your limitations clearly and comparing yourself to people who seem to have what you don’t. Take your strengths seriously, and use the eclipse energy on the 27th to let go of all your doubts about what you deserve. 


There have been so many endings in your life recently, but this is a month of new beginnings. On a certain level, you’re more comfortable with endings—when things fall apart you can stop worrying about things falling apart! Beginnings can be a lot trickier. How much do you risk? How much do you let yourself want? Get adventurous on the 12th, and let the second eclipse on the 27th help you release whatever’s holding you back from moving forward.  


Everyone reads their horoscopes hoping the stars will be like “Gurl, you’re on fire and nothing can stop you right now. Everybody wants you and that’s a fact.” This month is the closest you’re going to get to that kind of free pass, so use it well. Think of your sexual nature as a superpower that you have to use for the good of the ordinary citizens all around you. Be responsible, play safely, and for extra credit consider what sexuality can help heal (in you or your partners) that’s been broken or neglected for too long. 


How much pressure are you putting on yourself in your relationships? How much do you expect from yourself in general? Too often, you might be taking on more responsibility for the success of failure of a relationship—whether it’s a first date or marriage. It might even be satisfying, being the one in control and with a clear sense of what needs to happen. But this month, you get a chance to go a little deeper. Especially on the 12th, figure out how to be a little more vulnerable—just enough to feel more seen, recognized, and cherished. You deserve it. 


I know you hate a mess, but this month will be a little messy. You like to think your way out of problems, but people never act as rationally as you hope they will. Try to roll with it. You’ll need a little extra patience, but you’ll also get more opportunities to really connect. Whatever you do, don’t volunteer to clean up other people’s messes. Let them learn from their mistakes, and see what you can learn when you trust people to figure things out on their own. 


Don’t look away from what’s happening right now—even if it’s hard to face. Especially if it’s hard to face! If you’re going through heartbreak or betrayal or just an existential crisis about who are you and what is love, remember that the only way out is through. There’s something you need to learn right now and distracting yourself will just keep you in the same old rut. Luckily for you, you don’t have to do this alone. Flirtation, romance, and parties can help you heal, as long as you don’t lean too much on them as an escape. 

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