Kiss My Astro: Your July Horoscope

· Updated on May 29, 2018

Don’t be scared of going a little deep right now. Admit that you’ve been hurt, and maybe you’re still hurting from some old betrayal. Trying to play it cool won’t work this month, so don’t waste your energy putting a brave face on things. Do some soul-searching, release any old grudges, and by the 21st you’ll be ready to welcome all kinds of sexy new trouble into your life.

You are allowed to take a leave of absence this month from your role as the confidant, witness, and mediator for all the drama folks are kicking up around you. People may be making a mess of things, but you don’t have to hold their hands and guide them to the light. You have a chance to focus on something extra sweet this month, a connection that lets you shine in your most dazzling ways. Don’t get too distracted by the nonsense to pay attention to what matters most.

Well, aren’t you the cutest kid at the club? With Venus moving into your sign this month, you won’t have to wear any body glitter—you’ll still be the sparkliest queer in any crowd. Play nice while your glamour is on point, and don’t make any promises you know you won’t keep. Enjoy the ride, and remember that what you have to offer is genuine. Don’t get too lost in seeking attention for what you’re not. Be real, and trust that you’ll be enough.

This is your time, sweetie! And, whoa, is it a lot! Good or bad, this month drops it all in heaps at your feet, like an entire closet of used clothes—there are some gems in there, but also some outdated, tattered things that it’s time to toss forever. Your main decision, this month, is simple: Who do you want to help you sort through all these gifts? (Hint: don’t do it in public!) And what are you ready to be through with? Whether this means saying goodbye to toxic friends or your own patterns of insecurity, be ready to walk away a little lighter.

Your month is all about new beginnings. The New Moon in your sign on the 23rd helps you refocus, let go of past rejection and grudges, and get back in touch with what makes you irresistible. You may be afraid of ego-tripping right now, because, honestly, part of you wants to — but remember that what you’re really looking for is the kind of attention that isn’t forced or fake. Align yourself with magic in all its forms, remember you’re a part of that energy, and have fun!

Don’t listen to any heteronormative (or homonormative) myths right now that tell you marriage is the only way to feel really secure. Whatever relationships you’re in or looking for, this month reminds you that you need a lot more people in your community than just one main squeeze. Reach out to your friends, chosen family, lovers, ex-lovers, and whoever else holds a piece of who you are. Celebrate the places where you get to belong, in a larger world than just a couple—and if you’re missing that feeling of belonging anywhere, remember most of us do from time to time. Let that longing guide you to your people.

This could be one of the most fun months you’ve had in a long time, and I’m tempted to just tell you to enjoy the ride! But remember that not everything that feels good is good for you. Choose the connections that nourish your senses and your soul, and know when it’s time to cut yourself off for the night. There will always be more tomorrow!

Treat this month like a day-spa. Some deep soaking, some vigorous salt scrubbing, some sweating it out in the company of good friends. There’s a lot of sweetness available to you right now, but you have to be willing to slow down and release. Don’t stay in crisis mode or work mode any longer than you really need to—this month is asking you to remember how to trust and relax.

Slow down and look around you this month. You may be missing something obvious that’s right in front of you, because of your enthusiasm for whatever’s coming next. Stop future-tripping and pay close attention to the people you’re with right now, and what they’re actually offering you. Chances are something incredible is much closer than you thought—don’t accidentally speed by it!

The ways in which you are already powerful will come in handy this month. Can you name them? Do you feel them? How do you play with power in sex? This can be a touchy topic, but you have a beautiful opportunity to release some old stories that keep you feeling ashamed or unworthy. Solo or partnered, kinky or vanilla, let your desires help you heal.

One question not a lot of people ask about their love lives, except for you, dear Aquarian: Is this weird enough? In an era when kink has become commonplace, you want to know what else might be possible. This month, look for experiences that satisfy your desire to be surprised by your own desires. Keep it consensual, and in the spirit of research, take a few notes.

You can be really good at playing along with someone else’s fantasies—but what about your own? What do you see when you get selfish and let your imagination run wild? This month rewards clarity about what you really want, and how you want it. Tell your lover, or your BFF, or a sympathetic stranger on the subway. You might just get what you ask for—but you won’t if you never ask.

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