Kiss My Astro: Your March Horoscopes

· Updated on May 28, 2018

This month, Venusplanet of love and pleasure and decadent dragmoves through Ariessign of adventure, courage, and fresh starts. Venus in Aries sweetly kicks us in the butt and tells us we don’t have to go to the bar but we can’t stay home. Venus wants connection. Aries is impatient, bold, and spontaneous. Venus in Aries reminds us that lust and longing don’t like to be kept waiting.

So what’s holding you back? (Depending on your sign: maybe a lot, still). But whatever you’re handling right now, this month offers you fresh insight, fresh energy, and a good odds for some fresh romance.


Expect some extra attention coming your way this month. As Venus moves through your sign, everyone wants some of what you’ve got. Remember that you don’t have to rush, though. You may be a little more impatient, impulsive, and reckless than usual right now, so take a breath and remind yourself that “impatient longing” isn’t an excuse to do anything now that you’ll regret later.


You’re going to want to get out of your own way this month, and it might be hard to even see how you’re blocking yourself from getting what you really want. Revise your understanding of what’s possible. Make room for an idea you discarded long ago as impractical. The main thing standing between you and exciting new discoveries is your firm conviction that nothing can be exciting or new without disrupting your world in uncomfortable ways. Now’s the time to let yourself be a little disrupted and a little uncomfortableit will be worth it.


This is a month for dance parties, parades, playing music with an entire symphonypreferably while dancing through the streets in a parade. Everything ordinary in your life needs to fall back a little for you to connect to a larger sense of vitality and togetherness. Whatever romances may spark through this festive collectivity will be tied to the larger worlds you get to inhabit together.


No one does grumpy like you do grumpy, and this is a month to make sure all that tired drama isn’t cluttering up your life and sending you into a major funk. Do some spring cleaning. Be ruthless about what you hold onto. Remember that people aren’t objects, you don’t need to throw any of them out, but you can definitely throw out the garbage they expect you to hold onto for them. Make room for loving your life again, and letting more love in.


Nothing is braver than a Leo who’s taken a blow to the ego and survived to shine another day. The last few months have put you through the ringer, and you’ve been facing some hard truths about yourself and your relationships. This month you get to leave a lot of that heaviness behind and trust that you’re still capable of delighting and amazing us. You’re hot when you’re humble. Show us what you’ve learned.


You may have a perfect idea of the partner you’re looking for right now, whether that’s a partner for the night or for the rest of your life. Imagine him in vivid detail. Picture his height, weight, profession, favorite kinks, favorite foods, the way he’ll excel at all the things your ex could never get right. Got that image? Okay, now ditch it. Forget it completely. Right now, you need to be open to surprises. Here are the only questions you need to ask yourself about a potential new partner (once they’ve passed your real deal breakers): How does my body feel in his presence? Do I feel relaxed? Do I feel more alive?


This is a time to love the mess you’re in. All our romances get messy sometimes, and we often respond like it’s the biggest crisis that ever happened. Relationships trigger our deepest vulnerabilities, going way back to childhoodbut you’re an adult now. You can take a step back and smile at the clumsy ways we try and fail in love. Release old grudges, forgive yourself, and start again by cleaning up whatever’s your responsibilitybut not taking on anything that isn’t.


You’re losing your taste for a certain kind of interaction that used to thrill you. Recognize this and let it go, instead of trying to make it feel the way it used to. There’s an invitation this month to reconnect to passion and exploration, to some kind of adventure, but you’ll have to do it carefully because the voices guiding you toward what you want are still quiet and subtle. Take a few steps forward and a few steps back, veer in another direction, stand still and listen. Sooner or later, you’ll start to feel the call toward what you need now.


No more moping. Whether you’re heartbroken, bored of first dates that go nowhere, or merely facing seasonal depression, this is a month that asks you to reach for your wig (or your leather chaps, or bow tie, or whatever you reach for when it’s time to get fancy) and become the excitement you want to see in the world. Stop comparing your current life to more exciting parts of your pastif you remember correctly, you were also more of a hot mess then. You’ve grown up a lot in the last few years, and now’s your chance to live it up without also wrecking yourself. Look for people who know how to do the same.


I’m so sorry, dear Capricorn, but this month is asking you to relax and enjoy what comes easily. To let go. To not be in control. To let things unfold in whatever meandering direction they find. I know this is hard for you, so I’ll give you an extra assignment just so you can prove how capable and competent you are: The bravest thing you can do this month is practice compassion for yourself, and model that kind of behavior to the people who look up to you.


Things aren’t nearly as bad as they seem right now, so whatever anxiety has been hovering around the back of your mind can get dealt with up front and without a lot of fuss. The last few months have been times of major transformation and transitionand you’ve still got six months left of that journeybut this month gets to be lighter, easier, and more joyous than the last handful. You’re good at seeing the funny side of thingsuse that skill to charm someone new with stories of what a wild ride it’s been.


Imagine you could have whatever you wanted if you knew how to ask for it. It sounds easier than it really would bebecause your desires are usually more complex and shifting than you give them credit for. Can you remember the last time you were completely satisfied? How long did it last before you wanted something else, something new? This month, you get a few lessons about desire: Aim for the desires that are deepest, and remember to enjoy how things keep changing.

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