Kiss My Astro: Your May Horoscope

Life gets a little more interesting this month as Uranus, planet of revolution and taking bold risks, moves into Taurus, sign of peaceful sensuality and comfort food. Imagine Che Guevara in a spa. Uranus is also the planet of queerness, and of looking at the structures of our lives differentlyof daring to live outside of social conventions. As Uranus moves into Taurus, expect some revolutions in how you get your core physical needs met, and even some exciting discoveries about pleasure and connection. Meanwhile, stay patient when you’re feeling restlessthis isn’t the easiest combination of energies, but it’s here for about seven years. You’ll have plenty of time to follow up on the insights and intuition you’re picking up on now! Consider this month as your first taste. Be curious, and have fun with it!


Don’t worry, dearest Aries, your life won’t end if you take some time for yourself. FOMO may have you filling every available moment with other peoplewhether that’s parties, friend dates, or even just scrolling through social media and dating appsbut something’s changing in your needs this month. It’s okay to pull back and look within a little more. This doesn’t mean you have to be a monkit means when you really assess your options and choose wisely, who ends up choosing you is a much better fit. Try it out!


This is a wild time for youcan you trust that will be a good thing? You tend to be suspicious of anything new, even if it’s better than what it’s replacing (“But I *like* lying in bed alone fantasizing about how much better my life could be!”). This month brings you much perspective and a huge kick of energy to stop putting up with anything that’s gotten stale and tired. You’re here for more exciting times. You’ve just got to trust that you can change, your relationships can change, and you’re not doomed to play out the same old patterns forever. Do you believe this yet?


This month brings you the newest new, the shiniest shiny, and a non-stop parade of possibility. Pros: This is what you basically want life to look like all the time. Cons: You’ll have to say no to some things in order to really experience the rest. It could be time for some hard decisions. Let go with gratitude of anything that’s blocking you from moving forward right now, and remember that your inner compass is whatever makes you light up with a sense of joy and elationnot what other people think you should do. Enjoy the ride, darlin!


There is absolutely nothing wrong with being sensitive and caring, even if you’ve been taught to hide that side of you your whole lifeor if partners have taken advantage of your tenderness and willingness to give. Vulnerability is a sign of strength: embroider that affirmation on your toughest jacket before you go out. And this month, you’re getting a chance to really shine as someone who has skills and talents. Claim them, flaunt them, and go get what’s yours.


You are not the sum total of everything impressive you’ve ever done. You are not less worthy on days when you feel less than gorgeous. This month, questions of status are coming up for you in a real and urgent way and it’s your job to silence those voices that tell you you’re not enough, that you don’t deserve love until you’ve earned it. Seek out the company of people who know you well and can reflect you clearly, cause your mirror might be a little distorted right now. Trust the good things people tell you, and resist the urge to add “but they don’t really know…” The more you can embrace your full selffunny, brave, awkward, earnest, lonely, passionatethe better you’ll be able to connect with people who love all that.


Watch out for thinking you already know where you’re headedor where you want to end up. This month reminds you that surprises can be exciting, and disruptions can teach you more about what the world has to offer. So don’t go into every new encounter with a checklist, or begin your dates sizing up how well this person conforms to your ideal. Let yourself be blown off course. Let people open you up new ideas. There will be plenty of opportunities for adventure and romance under this influence, but you’ll need to let yourself go there. Your views on partnership are changing this monthwhat ideas have you been holding onto that you don’t need anymore?


Get ready for the sexiest summer ever, Libra. Or at least, get ready to explore everything about sex that you wanted to know but were afraid to try. We’re not just talking new positions or accessories, but the deeper feelings that get stirred up when you get it on: What does desire open up in you emotionally? How can sex help you heal? What does it mean to you to be vulnerable, or to refuse to be vulnerable, with a lover? Remember, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to and you can explore at your own pace. But dip a toe in the water for now, and see what you can learn.


Guess what, Scorpio? All those hard times you’ve had in the past with lovers who weren’t honest or healthythis is the month you get to start making different choices. You can find what you want. You can have fulfilling love. You don’t need to put up with any kind of bad behavior or feel like for whatever reason (“I’m not tall enough to be picky…”) you won’t find exactly what you need. This month, start saying no to everything you really don’t need anymore. You’ll be surprised by what opportunities start opening up that you’ll be ready to say yes to!


Maybe you look like a goddamn Greek god, maybe you’ve got the kind of body that you’ve struggled to accept and love because our culture doesn’t. Wherever you fall on the spectrum of being widely desired or an acquired taste, you’ve probably absorbed some gnarly messages about your worth as a human being vis-à-vis your flesh suit. Now is a beautiful time to uproot some of those untruths and start planting the seeds of a lifelong love affair with your unique, amazing, once-in-a-lifetime body. Yes, you can invite a friend or two to worship at the temple that is you, but only if they’re truly devoted.


Every now and then you get to step down from those mountain tops you so effortlessly climb and splash in a few mud puddles. This is one of those timesthe more you can let go of responsibility and play right now, the better. This is a particularly good month for striking up a new romance because that sparkle in your eyes is extra sparklybut don’t expect any new connection to progress in measured steps toward lifelong partnership. Now is a time to experiment, to flirt, to take some chances. Don’t overdetermine where they’ll lead or you’ll kill to thrill of it. Let it be a meandering journey, and enjoy the view.


Take a second look at the people you know bestsomething about them will surprise you this month. Really, it’s your perspective that’s changing. You’re starting to see all sorts of things you’ve overlooked, and your relationships will also be changingthe strong ones will only get stronger through these fresh insights, but you could also dig up some secrets that could help you clarify what’s going wrong in less healthy connections. Trust your own truth right now, and don’t worry about making some waves in the way you express it.


You may be craving a vacation right now, but you won’t have to go very farsomething new and unusual is beckoning to you quite close to home. Expect your daily life to get a little stranger this month, in the best of ways. Now’s a good time to change up tired old routines and welcome some daring adventures in your everyday slogsubway flirtations, workplace intrigues, and the like. Just make sure you’re ready for your world to really change.

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