Kiss My Astro: Your November Horoscope

· Updated on May 28, 2018


This isn’t the easiest time to go after what you want, but it’s also the best time to find what’s really good for you. Think about what choices you usually make and where they land youespecially if you have a pattern you and all your friends can recognize. Choose more wisely right now and you’ll be able to write a whole new script.


Everything changes. Even the best relationships have to struggle out of whatever pleasant ruts they sink into from time to time. This year is all about deep change for you, and it will strongly affect your relationships. You don’t have to be scared of losing anything that’s really good for youinstead, you’re gaining more insight into everything that isn’t. Make changes as you need to. Saying no to what you don’t want makes room for all the exciting new options to come to light.


There is no one like you. Remember this, if you’re starting to feel like just one more tiny headshot in an ocean of hotties who make more money and have cooler vacations than you. You don’t have to impress everyone, you just have to be genuine and trust that you are enough for the right ones. Tell your story. Be vulnerable. Let even the dark parts come through with a light heart. Remember that you deserve love and it will be easy to act as though you already have itbecause you do.


Sometimes you just don’t feel like going out, getting dandy, grooming yourself, and remembering how to sound suave to some total or near-total stranger. Sometimes you’d rather curl up with someone you’ve known for years who doesn’t mind your stubble and cheesy taste in movies. This is a month when comfort feels like a higher priority than passionbut don’t get it twisted: you don’t have to sacrifice one to have the other. Get creative about how to combine the two, ideally in the same relationship.


You might need to talk out a problem to get a better perspective on it right now. It’s likely that whatever you think is going on isn’t the whole story. Watch out for getting too wrapped up in your head right now, though. Don’t ignore your heartand some other organs. Welcome experiences that help you understand your world as stranger and more exhilarating than you expected.


Nobody’s going to be any good for you if you don’t share the same values. You may be riding out a not-so-fulfilling scene with someone because you’re hoping he’ll manage to meet your needs more often than not. Ask yourself how hard you work for meeting someone where they’re at, and how much you ask anyone to work on your behalf. What would it be like to date someone who cared about exactly what you care aboutand showed it through their actions? If that’s not what you’ve got right now, it’s time to ask yourself why.


Whatever perks there are to being a wallflower, this isn’t the time to find out. You’ve got desiresneeds, even. Don’t let opportunities slip by you this month. Be bold and brave. Above all, don’t be ashamed to share your real desires and invite someone to make you as happy as you usually like to make others.


Welcome to a year of revealing adventures! While the next twelve months will be deeply transformative, this is a month that’s asking you to totally surrender control. Your desires are shifting and transforming; you are shifting and transforming. It’s okay not to know yet what shape you’ll take next. In any relationship, let this be a time of curiosity and experimentationresist any pressure to name or define anything that you’re still not sure about.


This month you may feel pressured to make a good impression when you’re feeling chaotic and confused inside. Remember that feeling confident comes from doing whatever it is that requires confidence. You don’t have to fake it till you make ityou can just be really honest about feeling intimidated as you go out there and impress everyone anyway. You’ve got this, even if you feel you don’t.


It’s important that a lover understand what you have to offerwhich is plentybut you’re often more shy to ask what they can do for you. Or too proud. This month you’ll be sought after in some big ways, so make sure you don’t retreat to where it’s comfortable: staying in control at all times. Allow yourself at least a few hours every day where you don’t have to be good at anything or good for anyone.


You’ve already learned too much to stick around in any situation where you’re spinning your wheels. Relationships need to stimulate you and educate you right now or you’re doing it wrong. Let love expand your horizons. Let a new lover teach you something you’ve never known before. Don’t settle for monotony!


Now’s the time to go deep. What comes up in your relationships right now will push you right up against the edge of your comfort zone, and most likely a little further. Remember that passion, love, lust, and attachment all come with risks. Fear is what keeps us stuck not taking the risks that matter. Your mission this month? Gather your courage and take a plunge.

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