Kiss My Astro: Your November Horoscopes

Are you deep in the weeds right now? Venus retrograde is still with us until the 16th, which means everything about what we want, who we want, and how we want it is up for review. These are times for reassessing whatever happened with our exes, contacting our old friends, and deepening our understanding of what brings us joy and helps us feel connected now. Worst case scenarios can bring the kind of mistakes that we make when we try again with someone, hoping it will be better this time, without really changing the conditions to create better results. Even those bring valuable lessons, though. And luckily, as Jupiter moves into Sagittarius on the 8th our collective mood will lift a little, making room for more adventure and optimism as we encounter each other. Connection is messy—sometimes painful, sometimes ridiculous—but can also be sublime. Keep your eyes open and your heart open, and good luck out there! 


This Venus retrograde is hitting you harder than most—whether the past feels like it’s rising up in a giant wave of old lovers and regrets, or whether you’re swept along in a tide of new connections, the main story is that it’s all a lot right now. You’ll get to stabilize soon, and catch your breath, but in the meantime remember that you get to live many lives. You get to start over, as many times as you need to, whenever you need a fresh spark. Just let yourself rest when you need it, too! 


The heart wants what it wants, but do you really know what yours wants? Chances are you’re still holding on to some ideas that aren’t the right fit for you anymore. You’re on a seven-year-long journey of shaking up whatever has gotten stagnant, and this month helps you peel back some layers and reveal some beauty that’s been buried in you, waiting to be seen. You can only let others see that part of you once you name it and claim it first. 


The next year will bring golden opportunities for both finding and growing alongside a partner who helps you stay centered and enlivened. This month may feel a little chaotic, still, but take advantage of this time to start asking yourself the right questions. Not “where will I find the perfect man?” “when will it happen?” or “what’s wrong with me?” You can toss all those out, honey. Instead, start asking yourself: “When do I feel most alive? When am I proudest of myself? Who in my life right now helps me feel those ways? What is it about them that brings out the best in me?” This reframing is all you need to begin a brand new chapter. 


Sweetie, this is a month to LOVE UP on your tired body. The stars are calling you back into the very real fact of being alive in a body that needs care—sleep, food, exercise, rest—and also needs adornment, celebration, challenges, indulgences. You’ve been stretched thin lately and this month is likely to drain even more of your energy if you’re not intentional about taking care of yourself first. Once you feel all sparkly and new again, then we can talk about who else is out there for you. Right now, your homework is to just start saying no. 


What a luscious time you get to have right now, if you work it right. You’re coming up against some challenges, but they can be fun ones. Test the edges of how brave you can be—take some new risks in opening up, starting something new, and not taking it personally if it doesn’t go how you would’ve liked. Experimentation and flirtation are healing in their own ways for you right now. Find a little joy in every encounter, even the ones that will only make funny stories later on.  


This retrograde period is particularly intense for you, and you may feel transformed in deep ways. Maybe some big new relationship has come into your life, or maybe you’re finally ready to address and release an old one. You’re learning a lot about what you want to commit to over the coming year: in yourself, in your values, as a friend, as a lover, as a life partner. Give yourself plenty of downtime and introverted days to get ready for this next big push. 


Choose your words wisely this month, because you have the power to read everyone around you. If you’re channeling a little extra poison for your nearest and dearest, remember that’s a sign your boundaries have been getting crossed and it’s time to reinforce them. No one gets to decide for you what you do with your body, your affection, your attention, or your time. You have permission to be a little more selfish right now, so that your relationships can be deeply nourishing for you as well as everyone you grace with your presence.   


Yes, you have good reasons not to trust people. You can count them, name them, describe them in exquisite detail, write a tell-all book, take ‘em to the internet or social media. We know you’ve been hurt. We’re not here to take that away from you, or ignore the impact. But—what else is also true? Sometimes we have pain-blinders that block all the sources of joy and juiciness and sexy, playful possibility that are real in our lives. Something in the here-and-now, something that wants you to focus on the future more than the past, is calling to you. What would it mean to trust that, to say yes? 


Well, look who’s the sparkliest this month. As Jupiter moves into your sign (its home turf), this month begins a new journey for you. Get ready to pop open some bubble water, strap on your party shoes, and leave a trail of glitter in your wake. It’s not like all your troubles will melt away under this influence, but your morale is more likely to stay high. Like a helium balloon with a short and slippery string, you’re not going to be held down for long. Relationships right now need to make room for you to not just breathe but soar. Find someone who can match your pace, and who’s ready for an adventure. 


It breaks my heart sometimes, thinking of how much you’re capable of and how little people see the costs. You are the most ambitious lover in the zodiac, wanting to prove yourself worthy and competent and in-it-for-the-long-haul, but you often don’t ask for your partners to be equally impressive. The loneliness that sets in when you’re doing your best for someone and they’re just taking it without giving back is enough to put you off any real faith in love. But guess what? Love is coming for you, anyway. This month is about opening to that kind of faith in something you don’t see yet, or don’t trust could be good for you. Be patient. Don’t need to have all the answers yet. Just let yourself imagine the possibilities. 


If you’re judging yourself harshly right now, or at least keeping up a constant internal dialogue about whether what you’ve done was “right” or “wrong,” or “brilliant” or “stupid”—it’s time to stop thinking about who you’re supposed to be and start noticing what you really want. What are you trying to be brilliant at? What are you trying to do right? What does that tell you about what you really want? Meanwhile, let yourself stumble a bit. It’s not the worst thing to be in process. 


It’s a tricky business, letting yourself be seen. Part of you is a genius at reflecting back what anyone wants to see, and that can lead to some beautiful encounters, but not the kind of intimacy that will deeply feed you. This month it’s time to get more visible, and that doesn’t mean getting better selfies for your profiles—it means letting the parts of you that are less groomed, less polished, more raw, more real come through. You don’t need to get too vulnerable, but risk a little more sincerity. The people who shy away aren’t your people. 

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