Kiss My Astro: Your October Horoscope

· Updated on May 28, 2018


Follow your bliss right now by engineering some creative ways to let loose. You need the release that comes from letting go of your responsibilities, your status, even your sense of self. What kind of experiences will recharge you by bringing you outside your comfort zone? Make a plan before you explore, so you know exactly how far you want to go.


We all need love. Some of us are drawn to committed one-on-one kinds of partnerships, some aren’t. Whichever camp you’re in, this month asks you to take your need for partnership seriously. This might mean your BFF, your business partner, or all of your poly lovers and ex-lovers-turned-BFFs-and-business-partners. Whoever is seeing you clearly and holding you through the hard parts, spend some time this month devoting yourself to keep those connections strong.


The bad news is this is a time of adjustment for you: something has gotten a little out of kilter in how you’re handling daily life, and now’s the time to slow down and start new habits. The good news is what you choose now can dramatically improve your sense of self, helping you feel even hotter and more capable this month. Get specific about what you want, what makes you feel good, and what the small, doable steps are that you can take every day to get there.


If you’re looking for new connections, it will not be the fault of your stars if you don’t find them this year. This month begins a new theme in your life, with abundant opportunities for flirtation and romance. This isn’t a magic potion that will bring all the boys to your yardit’s more like a chance to practice an instrument till you’re effortlessly good at it. Consider this month the beginning of your instruction. Practice makes perfect!


Vulnerability isn’t necessarily what you like to lead with. You’d rather impress people firstand second, and third. Showing what makes you insecure or sad or defensive is way, way down the list. Nevertheless, this is a time when what’s going to feel most exciting to you is the kind of intimacy that doesn’t always look good on Instagram. The kind of love that will make you soup when you’re sick and lie in bed with you binge watching old Project Runwaysthe kind of love that doesn’t need you to prove yourself, only to open up. Are you ready to take that risk?


Don’t talk yourself out of something that could be beautiful this month by analyzing why it isn’t perfect. This is a time when you’re more outgoing and more likely to be seek out exciting new connectionsbut you’re also likely to overthink it and have a hard time deciding what you really want! Keep your dance card as full as you want, but when the music starts you better be on the dance floor.


Watch your tendency to over give right now, especially if you’re the kind to go out of your way with romantic gestures, big acts of generosity, and all-around-eager-to-please flexibility. This month is a time to be a little more selfishor at least, to recognize that you get to ask for as much as you give. Understand your own worth, and demand the respect you deserve.


You know how on all those makeover shows they claim to reveal the “real” person previously obscured by drab clothing and bad haircuts? This month is all about reinvention, but for you it might look more like an internal reckoning than a lot of new outfits. Or, hey, it could be both. However you mark the occasion, this month begins an entire year of new adventures in uncovering a truer sense of self. Don’t expect to know yet where the journey will take you, but do some exploration, start to name your deepest fears and your desires, and fall back in love with yourself.


Your desires don’t have to make sense. You get to have secrets, as long as they don’t endanger anyone else. You don’t usually feel you have a lot to hide, but this month brings with it some energy best sorted through in private. You may not be able to explain what motivates you right now, and that’s okay. The trick is to let yourself surrender and be recharged by whatever works for you. If you have a tendency to isolate yourself at times like these, find ways to connect that are more about fantasy than reality. It’s okay to take a break from rational, responsible, constructive behavior for a little while.


This month is about way more than just you and your boo (or boos, or potential boos). You may be struggling to find some way to make a difference in the larger world right nowthis month begins a year-long reconnection to your ideals and your commitment to leaving the world better for you having been in it. This doesn’t mean you can’t pursue love, pleasure, and decadenceit means you can’t actually separate love, pleasure, and all the rest of it from the world you’re trying to create. Start small, start anywhere, but begin making the changes you want to see. You know how, if you trust yourself.


How do you like being in the spotlight? It may seem like all eyes are on you right now. Depending on how comfortable that feels, this could be a wildly exciting or mildly embarrassing month. If the attention feels bad, I suggest becoming graciously aware of your best qualities and making a point of showing them off. For all of you, make the most of this time by working hard at what matters most to you.


This is no time to be timid. As Morrissey sings, “If there’s something you’d like to try…”now is the time to ask. It’s a good idea to get out of your routine a little, too, and see a little more of the world. Love and adventure go hand-in-hand for you right now. Choose the adventures that will help you understand yourself and the world a little better.

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