Kiss My Astro: Your September Horoscopes

· Updated on October 30, 2018

September is here, and it’s time to heave a sigh of relief that the eclipses and retrogrades of August are over, get cozy, and start ironing out all those snags in your love life that crept up over the summer. We’re moving from a few months of high highs and low lows to a time of deepening, softening, and clarifying. Stay patient with what’s still up in the air, but use this time to relax into what will help your life feel more clear, less cluttered, and more aligned with your real needs.

Find me for readings this month if you want some personalized insights, and as always use these for what they can give you, and discard anything you don’t need. Enjoy the sweetness and slowness of this month!


You’re done with the heartbreak, even if it isn’t done with you. You’ve been bent out of shape too long already, and it’s time to spring back. Don’t just expect to return to your earlier shape, though—you’ve been changed by this journey and it will show. Let yourself transform. Trust that you’ve learned enough from the harder parts to make better choices moving forward. Let that wiser self be more visible.


This is your time to celebrate and revel in the sheer hedonism of living. Surround yourself in beauty as much as you can (flowers, fabrics, humans, etc.) and trust that beauty isn’t something scarce or easy to lose as we all age—rather, spend this time appreciating the distinct beauties of the unexpected, the well-loved, the time-worn, the familiar, the intimate. No matter what else is going on right now, take some time for this practice of gratitude. It will open up a gate to all kinds of other joys.


You are stepping into your full power and glorious beauty this month, and it’s your responsibility to wield these powers for good! Above all, this means staying true to what helps you feel aligned with what is best in you. What would it be like to lead with your absolute confidence in what is miraculous about you? So stop stressing about how you might be seen or ignored, appreciated or misunderstood, and start cherishing this heart and body and mind you get to share with the world.


What would it be like to set aside whatever the current crisis is and let your muscles unclench a little this month? Remember to welcome the kinds of changes that can totally reorient you. Your life is full of positive changes this month, but even good change can signal stress response if you’re moving too fast. Let yourself slow down and really savor what’s happening. Let yourself deeply release any anxieties or control patterns that come up when you get freaked out about change. This is a month for pleasure and and playfulness.


Even a force as fabulous as you are in the world could use a little downtime, a little behind-the-scenes sewing on of lost sequins and reapplying of makeup. You’ve been really shining brightly for some time now, and this month reminds you that you won’t be forgotten about if you take a step back for awhile. Let yourself relax into the relationships that don’t ask you to prove yourself, to turn on the charm, to put on a show. If you need a little TLC right now, it’s okay to ask for it. Find that someone who can love you even when you’re not trying to make a good impression.


You can see through everyone’s nonsense right now, and you don’t have the patience to pretend you don’t. This is not the time for you to roll your eyes and smile and nod—there’s something you’ve got to add to the conversation. You’re in the spotlight this month, and the way you see things matters more than you might think. More than just calling out jerks or shutting up bores, this month calls on you to redirect the conversation to what you find fascinating—you’ll have a willing audience.


If you’re looking for stability, you’ll be a little happier this month than you have been for the last few. Even so, the sand is still shifting under your feet. Don’t go planning the rest of your life with anyone you’ve met fairly recently (in the last year, let’s say). You’ve still got some reckoning to do with the past—exes or family members with unresolved issues. Doing that will help you really lay the groundwork for the kind of security you’re looking for in the future.


How sweet is this month for you? Please don’t waste it hiding away or judging everyone over the edge of your drink. This month is practically begging you to show the world some of that sparkle that you keep hidden most of the time. Choose the right people to connect with, though—you don’t want to waste this opportunity on someone who doesn’t deserve to see what’s most true and beautiful about you. You know yourself better than you ever have—find someone who’s able to really know you, too.


Expect a few pleasant surprises this month. Your crush may be requited, or someone absolutely new may pop up on your radar. Keep your eyes open for opportunities, and keep your cynicism firmly under control. There is more available for you than you currently realize. Trust in the future.


Loneliness doesn’t look good on you right now, so get off that high horse you ride when you think you’ve got to go it alone. You are connected to others, and not just in the sense that you have to rescue them from their messes. If no one else is taking on the responsibilities you do, that means it’s time to drop what you’re holding and see who picks it up. You get to be done with any dynamic that’s merely reinforcing the story that you are alone. Hold out for a real partner who can meet you at your level, as a friend or a lover. 


You’re almost out of the woods, but there’s still some recovery you’ve got to do from recent emotional difficulties. This is a perfect time to seek out a little more time for inner reflection and planning the way forward. You’re learning a lot right now and you’ll want the time and space to concentrate. Only seek out the kinds of connections that won’t disrupt your internal processes right now.


Seeing the bigger picture can be hard, especially because of how deeply you encounter each person you care about. You can get lost in one relationship, in how much you take on of another person’s joys and fears. This month asks you to pull back and see how all your relationships fit together, how they affect each other, how you are connected to larger networks. When you do this, you may find yourself ready to make really different decisions about love.

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