Michelle Tea Gets The Tea From … Robin Cloud

Comedian Robin Cloud’s material ricochets from gay marriage to gay divorce, racism,  interracial relationships, urban life, being a displaced New Yorker in Los Angeles, queerness, and anything else that strikes her wild mind. Her own excellently dark sense of humor is on mad display in the film Out Again, in which the lesbian protagonist is charged with coming out to her memory-impaired mother again. And again. And again.

Cloud wrote, directed, produced and stars in the touching and hilarious short. Below, the quadruple-threat answers my fifteen questions!

What is the most uncanny thing that you have ever experienced?

Turning 21 and going to a strip club in San Francisco only to have the stripper squeeze her breast and spray breast milk.

What is in your bag right now?

Phone, Chapstick (hello), notebook, one OB, too many pens, earbuds, business cards, and cookie crumbs.

Please share the 15th picture on your cell phone.

Me and my Nana. RIP.

How are you like or not like your sun sign?

I don’t know what mine is!!???

What is the last book you read? Song you listened to? Show you watched?

An American Marriage by Tayari Jones. Jason Isbell’s “Flagships.” Westworld.

What was the last meal you cooked?

Pasta with homemade sauce.

Where would you like to go on vacation right now?

Hawaii. I haven’t been there yet.

Tell me about getting to meet someone you idolize or admire.

I recently met Wanda Sykes and I sort of freaked out. I was like, She’s so short! Her hair is as big as mine! What do I say? I mumbled something about watching her was like looking into the future. Not sure if that was weird, but it felt weird after I said it, ‘cuz she was like “Oh, OK. Haha.”

What are you like when you’re sick?

I take insane amounts of herbal medicine and sleep. I think I’m a good patient — I think.

What are you obsessed with or inspired by right now?

I love the show VIDA. I’m obsessed with it. It’s so beautiful and sad and sexy and most of all unapologetic.

What are you upset about right now?


What is the most recent dream you remember?

I had a dream that I was in my childhood bedroom and smoke started filling the room. I ran downstairs and found the fireplace was still burning and had started to take over the room. Next to the fireplace, some idiot had tied up a pit bull puppy and its back leg was burned off. I rescued it and I told it that life with three legs would be OK. I love animals.

Who is your queer ancestor?

James Baldwin.

What is your dream project?

Bringing any of my original shows to life would be a dream.

What are you doing this weekend?

Moderating panels and going to screenings at Outfest LA to celebrate the best in LGBTQ cinema.

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