Pride Fatigue

Pride is Here, and We’re Already Tired.

· Updated on June 2, 2021

Another Pride season is upon us, and the brands have been, as usual, swift and merciless in their attention. We’ve got rainbow Uggs, rainbow sheet sets from Target, and a whole lot of corporate cheer. 

Let’s start at the very beginning: 

Most of us are going to be amping up the gayness in our work this month:

While others are simply going to double-down on practicing the fine art of bitchery. 

Some of us are sincerely grateful to have a whole month’s worth of uplifting queer voices:

Others of us are simply exhausted and pissed off. 

Lil Nas X kept it financial:

Billy Eichner broke down what Pride is REALLY about: 

We underwent our June 1 transformations: 

We exercised our American right to rebel: 

And we remembered this enduring classic:

But the real moral of the story is: HIRE TRANS JOURNALISTS.

And let’s not forget the one thing that truly unites us: not queerness, but the immutable fact of being tired.

And writing gay shit anyway. 

Through it all, we remembered who this month is truly about: 

Yours in Exhaustion,

The Gay Internet ♥

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