September Horoscopes

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Last month brought some surprises, and they’re far from over. How much excitement can you handle before you crash? Hint: it’s just a hair less than you think. Spend this time learning what rhythms treat you better in the long run. Slow down just enough to get it right.


Novelist E.M. Forster wrote of gay love when it was a criminal acthis motto was “only connect.” Take this to heart this month if you’re feeling disappointed or muddled. Whatever you can do right now to stay open to experiences, you’ll benefit from all kinds of connection. Don’t weigh them down with too much expectation, and you’ll notice much more than you would have.


Don’t get too distracted by what you see in the mirror right now, or what you think others see when they look at you. You are a being in motion, not a snapshot taken in flattering light. It is exactly the way you move that makes you fascinating, not what’s already finished about you. Let go of needing to be impressive, and see who you can attract when you lead with sincerity instead of bravado.


Everything is funnier when you’ve got some distance on it. This month helps you get that necessary distance that can turn your saddest memories into the most entertaining stories. What are you ready to stop being sad about? If you’re brave enough to, you’ll find yourself connecting in all kinds of unexpected ways. But you’ve got to make an effort! Get out of the house, go somewhere unfamiliar, and see where the day takes you.


To avoid confusion, let them come to you right now. There’s enough unsettled in your heart and mind that you might not know what you even want. Save your energy and see who’s noticing you just as you are, instead of making an effort to be noticeable. This is a time when you’re learning more about what you really wantgo ahead and experiment, but don’t draw any conclusions just yet.


Girl, you get all kinds of shade for being a little less fun than some other signs. Never believe it. As a lover you go to greater heights and depths, as it were, to please your partner and to understand what pleases you. This month brings all kinds of Virgo energy into play, which means you’ll be particularly busy. Don’t be afraid of the spotlight, and remember what makes you sexy is way more than skin deepdon’t waste time obsessing over microscopic flaws when you could be out there killing it. People want what you’ve got right now. Do you want to give it to them?


Let go of the past. You’re done with it. If your present isn’t all you want it to be, think of the future instead. It’s okay to lose yourself in fantasies a little, as long as you don’t get trapped there. This is a time for remembering what makes you happy and helping yourself have as many of those experiences as you can, with or without a partner. In the immortal words of the poet, “treat yo self.”


As much as you want all the romance right now, part of you knows you’ve got work to do. If you want passion, start looking for people who share your values and want to make a difference in the world. Ignore the myth that activism is only for the elite or unemployedyou have more power than you think you do. Who do you want to team up with to take a stand? What’s hotter than fighting for a common cause together?


This is a month for the fluffy slippers and plenty of back rubs. You have some ish you need to work out of those sore muscles and that tired heart. Find a boo who wants to play house with you, whether that means redecorating everything or just curling up on the couch and watching an entire season of Sense8. Let yourself recover this month, and you’ll be back out there feeling restless and excitable soon enough.


While everyone else is still dealing with life upheavals and identity crises after last month’s eclipse, you’re more grounded and clear-headed. What else is new? You have a lot to offer right now, including your capacity to help people think more carefully about their futures. But if there’s anything out of balance in your own life right now, don’t dwell so much on other people’s problems that you bury yours under the rug. It’s okay to ask for the exact kind of help you’re afraid to ask for.


What are you ready to walk away from right now? This month rewards big risks, as long as you don’t plunge off any cliffs. Think about what makes your blood pump harder. Think about this one life you get and all the things you want to do with it. Are you ready to leave old stories behind? Are you ready to reinvent yourself? What small steps can you take towards a brand new future?


Expect some fireworks this month! Potential lovers find you extra compelling right now and current lovers may be stepping up their game. It could feel like there’s a lot at stake, so be extra clear with everyone about where they stand. Whether you’re polyamorous or just having fun, make sure everyone knows what’s up. Most of all, make sure you know what you feel and what you want! Handled well, this can be an intoxicating time. Handled poorly, next month could bring a major hangover.


Illustrations by Lucy Kirk

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