Trans Joy

Things That Gave Us Trans Joy This Week

It’s hard to wake up every day and deal with the endless trauma and tragedy of being trans in America. It’s exhausting and hard and it hurts a lot, which is why it’s nice to remember that amidst all the horrible stuff, there’s also a lot to celebrate. 

So without further adieu, here are some things we can all be pretty jazzed about. Call it a trauma palate cleanser!

This week, we’re excited about:

Squirtle FINALLY coming out of the closet

Ki-ki as nondecisive gender-neutral

Just some goat love

TikToker @mx.deran gave us life with a story of gender euphoria:


Stitch this with your gender euphoric memories!💕##stitch ##gendereuphoria ##nonbinary ##alphabetmafia ##lgbt

♬ original sound – Ty Deran

Just a thread of trans folks making Harold Hill/”The Music Man” jokes, because we’re all musical theater nerds deep down inside.


We can also celebrate some important anniversaries

And look forward to breaking new milestones in 2021

Honestly, there’s just a lot to celebrate.

Wishing you a weekend full of trans joy, relaxation, and healing.

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