This Black Vs. LGBTQ Struggle Is Boring. Oh, And Stop Using Jesus For Bigotry

· Updated on May 28, 2018

The type of person who partakes in the game of oppression Olympics is the sort of individual I encourage to find the nearest tarpit and promptly leap their tired ass into it.

Conversely, if you are a member of a marginalized group, and instead of empathizing with other marginalized people, join the majority and assist them in their efforts to discriminate and/or oppress the most vulnerable of the population, you are a waste of the gift of life.

Suffice to say, with respect to the Black people assisting white evangelicals in their pursuit to find legal protections for their anti-gay biases, I wish them nothing but pain and suffering for the rest of their miserable lives.

Tony Perkins is an ordained minister that wouldn’t know Jesus if he spit in his mouth in utter disgust. Perkins is also the president of the Family Research Council, a conservative policy and lobbying organization that purports to be addressing various “social problems” like abortion and LGBTQ rights.

In other words, they are a bunch of faux Jesus freaks who pretend to be of God when they are trying to legalize various levels of prejudice. Some folks like to profess turning the other cheek when met with bigots of this ilk, but I believe they should bury their heads in the ass cheeks of dead baboons.

Actually, never mind. The dead baboons have suffered enough, but you get where I’m going.

You see, Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council really, really hate that Frank Ocean and I have the legal right to marry in the United States of America. Worse, they loathe that there are laws that forbid people like baker Jack Phillips from refusing to serve wedding cakes to Frank and me on religious grounds. This December, Philipps and other Christians of convenience will appear before the Supreme Court to plead for the right to refuse service to gay people due to their faith.

Recently, by way of a press release, Perkins announced that “Jack will have the support of several African Americans.”

More: “Yesterday, a group of black leaders made that quite clear in a special press conference on the steps of the Supreme Court. Tired of hearing the LGBT community compare its experience to the real suffering of the civil rights movement, church and civic leaders decided to speak out about why Jack’s case matters. FRC’s Dean Nelson and FRC Action’s Patrina Mosley spoke, sharing deeply personal stories about the pain and prejudice their families experienced over the color of their skin. Patrina talked about how insulting it is to hear LGBT activists equate their ‘persecution’ to generations of African Americans.”

They even have a lil’ site, too: What a perfectly good waste of space on Al Gore’s expansive internet. In any event, these wayward Negroes did indeed hold a press conference.

Most of them were conservative Black pastors, which suggests that inside these churches are choirs as trashy as the politics of their minister.

Not to be outdone, a woman by the name of Janet Boynes spoke. Boynes, is the founder of a Minneapolis-based ministry that offers “spiritual guidance for those who choose to walk away from homosexuality.” Let Boynes tell it, she is an “ex-lesbian.” She’s probably thinking about the last time she had some good vagina on her breath at this very moment.

But back to the matter at hand of these dimwitted Black people allowing Perkins, a man once accused of having ties to white supremacists and once purchased Klansman David Duke’s mailing list for a Louisiana political campaign he was managing, to use their race to fuel his anti-gay agenda.

Rev. Dean Nelson claimed: “The government exists to protect those who have diverse opinions and viewpoints, not to punish them.”

What remarkable words to hear from a Black man of a certain age who isn’t too far removed from the days of Jim Crow. Never mind that in 2017, we live under a white supremacist U.S. president who is actively using the law to attack minorities. This man is chairman of a group named after Frederick Douglass. May the ghost of Douglass (does y’all’s president know now that he’s been dead?) haunt Nelson all damn weekend.

Rev. William Avon Keen said: “We had to fight for equal treatment because of the color of our skin. Christians should not be forced to support sin.”

We do not live in a theocracy, you sanctified simpleton, therefore your selective readings of dogma are irrelevant as we live by a constitution that all men are created equal (allegedly). By the way, Jesus Christ is far more personable with sinners than you seem to be. How “Two Corinthians” of you, pastor.

Then there was Boynes, who probably is still thinking about vagina, that argued: “I resent having my race compared to what other people do in bed. There is no comparison. It only trivializes racial discrimination.”

Everyone echoed Boynes sentiments and that is what you primarily find on You will see images comparing black and white water fountains and a reference to LGBTQ rainbow with the claim “one of them didn’t happen.” They also quote Alveda King, Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece that’s a Republican, anti-gay, and constantly snuggled under the bosom of white supremacy. She probably never gets invited to King family functions.

As for their claims that the LGBTQ movement is not like the Civil Rights movement: so?

Even if you believe that, do LGBTQ people have to be enslaved in order to deserve equal rights? As someone Black and gay, my struggles in this country related to being Black do not mirror those as a gay man, but in some cases they are similar enough and they occasionally intersect. If anything, Black people should know not to repeat the mistakes of racist white people. Anyone who doesn’t get this, doesn’t want to.

This Black versus LGBTQ struggle debate is boring, irrational, and a waste of a critical thinking person’s time. Tony Perkins is a racist and a homophobe with a bigoted agenda only intended to benefit white, heterosexual protestants. The people who support him are fools no matter what your racial background is.

That said, if you are a Black person helping his cause, you’re the biggest fool around.

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