Bad Gays

This Provocative Thread About LGBTQ+ Representation Has the Gays Gagging

How do you like your queer representation? Personally, I like mine straight up. That means messy, weird, and morally questionable—ideally also with a great sense of fashion and killer one-liners.

But listen, not everybody wants that: if there’s one thing we know, it’s that LGBTQ+ representation isn’t one size fits all. One user found that out the hard way.

Now I know what you’re thinking: both, we can have both. And yes, that’s absolutely true. But it’s also painfully clear at this point that when it comes to delicious, bitchy, flamboyant villainy, nobody does it like us gays.

So it didn’t take long for this thread to populate with some truly tasty evil gays in the quote tweets.

The past few years have brought us some magnificent queer villains, including Lydia Tár, loveable gay pirates Steed and Blackbeard from “Our Flag Means Death,” the final gays of “The Last of Us,” and the entire cast of “Yellowjackets.”

And of course we’d be remiss if we didn’t include the Ryan Murphy Murder Twink/Evil Dyke Cinematic Universe.

And naturally we have to include the Disney gays. Nobody did villainy quite like they did.

And we can’t forget our favorite “Powerpuff Girls” villain.

Prestige TV has certainly given us a lot to love in the way of dastardly, tortured gays.

And the past few years have provided plenty of amazingly evil, unbelievably hot lesbians to root for. “Killing Eve,” anyone?

Hell, even Annalise Keating was a messy bisexual!

And we can’t forget the OGs, the ones who started it all…

Let’s be real: we can’t get enough. Keep the gay villains coming, people.

As long as they stay…you know…fictional.

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