Too Hot To Sweat: Five Sexy Pieces For Your Gym Wardrobe

· Updated on May 29, 2018

Going to the gym isn’t just for shedding a few pounds and toning those ass cheeks anymore. And honestly, we can’t be out there wearing the same outfit as the next guy; or if you are, you need to look sexy as hell. So sexy in fact, that he’s back in the changing room refreshing his Grindr so hard that his thumbs ache. I mean, that’s the goal, yeah?

As much as I love short shorts, that can’t be the extent of it. There has to be a whole outfit prepared. Here are some hand-picked pieces for that look that will not only get you feeling sexy but will make those guys know why you’re up in the gym working on your fitness.

1. Nike Aeroswift Running Shorts

These boys are absolutely imperative. No one is going to find those three-quarters quite as sexy unless they are see-through. Also, remember to make sure you’re wearing underwear, or at least a jock, or you’ll be flashing your business.

2. Under Armour Resistor Half-Finger Training Gloves

These will give the impression that you are so ready to lift a 50-pound barbell that you could do it with your eyes closed. When you’re huffing and puffing away, you are going to have a face no one wants to get with. But when the same guy sees you in the showers, looking all sexy afterward, he’ll remember you lifting that barbell and wonder what else you can handle.

3. Adidas Crazytrain Pro Chill Shoes

These babies are so hot. How can you not be obsessed with these? It’s a fact of life that everyone looks at your shoes when you’re at the gym, right?

4. D.Hedral Hermann Brief

If your gym has a pool, look no further than the gorgeous D.Hedral Hermann Brief. These puppies are so well fitting that not only do they feel great, but they also leave little to the imagination.

5. 2XU TR2 Mesh-Panelled Compression Running T-Shirt

Compression shirts are a great way to show a bit of yourself off while still maintaining a bit of mystery. Leave the topless images for your Grindr profile, okay?

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