Top 10 Reasons to Do AIDS/LifeCycle 2019

· Updated on December 3, 2018

Be zero feet away from fun.

Costumes, Red Dress Day, and the spandex. 7 days of fun while riding your bike from SF to LA, seeing California from a whole new perspective…on your BIKE! You won’t need to look very far for whatever you consider to be  FUN!

Commit to being into more.

Find a purpose and be part of something big! Raise money that will impact thousands of lives, ensuring continued healthcare coverage for people living with HIV. You may not realize it, but you would be saving a life….actually thousands!

Your bike won’t ghost you.

It’ll be there when you go to bed and when you wake up. Riding it will help you get your summer body ready.

The Ride is the BEST friend zone you’ll ever be in.

Over 3,000 people participate in AIDS/LifeCycle every year from all over California, the U.S., and even abroad. For a whole week, you’ll be surrounded by loving people from all different communities. You’re guaranteed to make a few new friends!

Summer camp for seven days

Growing up did you secretly wish for a gay summer camp? Well, make that wish came true! Not only do you get to travel through our beautiful state, you’ll be entertained every day with fun things like our Root Beer Bust and Movie night in Camp. Or check out one of Rest Stop 4’s Drag Shows!

Disconnect and Unplug

The world can be a bit overwhelming at times. The Ride is a great way to disconnect and get involved with a community of people who care.


Ride to Pride

End your epic, seven-day journey by riding into LA during Pride weekend! Ride past the festivities while spectators cheer you on. Trust us, it’s an amazing rush.

It’s the way the world should be.

You may not understand this right now, but you will once you join the Ride community.  We’re made up of people who believe in helping others. We believe our community should stand together and provide support for those who do not have any. We hold each other up in times of need. The Ride really IS the way the world should be.

Make a difference in the fight against HIV and help end stigma.

Discrimination against HIV is still a reality for the millions around the world living with HIV. By participating in AIDS/LifeCycle, you can help start conversations about the virus in your communities, which will help sort out what is myth and what is reality when it comes to HIV.

Accept the challenge.

Who doesn’t want bragging rights? Be that person who gets to say, “I just rode my bike from SF to LA and I helped raise millions of dollars in the fight against AIDS!” Challenge yourself mentally, physically and spiritually!

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