Turns Out Gay Men Still Hate Femmes, Which Is Some Self-Hating BS

· Updated on June 20, 2018

News flash: gay men are still on their bullshit.

According to the latest issue of UK gay magazine Attitude, an overwhelming amount of gay men are not down with those in the community who express their gender outside of whatever they believe “masculine” means.

According to the survey of over 5,000 readers, 71% of gay men said they were turned off by a prospective partner because they “have shown signs of femininity” whatever the hell that means.

The group fell in line with thinking that being feminine was a bad thing. Only 29% of respondents said showing effeminate characteristics was positive.

Despite the popularity of shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race and other shows that have challenged queers to as Sasha Velour would put it meddle with gender, 41% of gay men also said that effeminate men give the gay community a bad reputation.

All this goes to show that toxic masculinity’s tight grip on men doesn’t end with straight guys. But, then again, femmes have known this for a long time. There’s never been a shortage of quote-unquote masc gay men who need to throw femme gay men under the bus, or call us “faggot,” because some of us dare to defy gender norms.

To all those who think being femme is a bad thing, I have one thing to say:


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