Who is your queer family?

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Hey fam,

On this week’s episode of Food 4 Thot, we’re talking about what makes a queer family and all its ties. Pulitzer Prize-winner Christopher Soto is in the haus, and we’ve got questions. Who is *your* queer family? How do you define it? What if you don’t have a queer family, and how do you find one?

And we’re just getting started. Also in this episode, we play Bone, Block, Bench. Would you Bone Paul Ryan? Would you Block Omarosa? Would you bench Frank Ocean, if need be? Find out in this Thot-defying game. Also, we’ve got Impure Thot stories from *extra* special guests y’all! Tune in and hear the best of our listeners super slutty sexy stories.

Xx The Thots

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