Too Little, Too Late

Zoom Adds Pronoun Feature…Just as the Pandemic is Ending?

After a year and a half of people simply writing their pronouns after their names on Zoom, the virtual meeting platform has decided to implement a more permanent solution. 

Just this morning, Zoom announced via press release that a permanent pronoun feature will be a part of Zoom’s latest update. 

“We are extra proud today to unveil Pronouns, a new feature in Zoom 5.7.0 to help our users feel more included, able to express themselves, and be seen. We’ve carefully listened to input from educators, social organizations, diversity leaders, and various Zoom customers to optimize the experience of sharing pronouns on our platform.”

They went on to (hilariously) give examples of pronouns one might use, after explaining that pronouns are “an essential piece to many of our diverse users expressing themselves and respectfully referring to others.”

So if they’re so essential, why has it taken this long to implement something that’s not that complex? Like, we’re talking about a drop-down menu here. It’s not rocket science. And to add insult to injury, you still have to edit your display name to do it. Which is…exactly what trans and nonbinary folks have been doing since the pan de leche started. So yeah…maybe we file this under “half-assed end-of-Pride tactic?” Also, why are pronouns automatically turned off on professional accounts? 

Overall, it’s giving us the same vibe as the older lady at the bar who really wants to celebrate your “fabulousness” but can’t seem to stop misgendering you. 

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