Zac Efron and Gerard Butler were spotted getting cozy (and showing feet) on vacation

Bros of a feather flock together, and luckily for us there are two bros having a whale of a time currently in St. Tropez. According to venerated gossip source Deuxmoi, MTM icons Zac Efron and Gerard Butler were spotted lounging around and getting quite cozy on their current tropical sojourn. Was the boat they’re on also filled with models? Sure! But that doesn’t take away from the glorious fact that Efron and Butler are showing feet on main.

It might seem an unlikely pairing at first, but the two seem to have sparked a friendship way back in the day—our first spotting of the two together came courtesy of the Burn After Reading premiere in 2008, back when Zac still had swoopy hair.

So much has changed since then, and not just everyone’s hair. Efron has undergone a complete transformation from Disney twink to venerated actor—his performance in The Iron Claw was one of the year’s finest—while Butler has pivoted from oughts heartthrob to Razzie nominee.

Needless to say both are looking pleased as punch to be chilling on a boat full of thong-wearing babes, and yet we can’t help feeling like the true romance here is the one between the two bros…

It costs nothing to dream, people.

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