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The Broad’s ‘Now We’re Here’ Is a Celebration of Queer Latinx Art

Pride month is a time for LGBTQ folks to celebrate ourselves in all of our glory. But for many queer and trans folks of color, the celebrations feel decentralized around our experiences. So, we make our own.

Los Angeles’ The Broad is hosting its first Now We’re Here event of the summer with an all queer Latinx lineup. The event will be in tandem with The Broad’s This Is Not America’s Flag, a special exhibition on the reflection of the symbolism and meaning behind the U.S. Flag. Now We’re Here brings together queer Latinx artists using their art to examine colonialism, indigeneity, immigration, gender, sexuality, spirituality and where they reside at the intersection of pop culture. 

Whatever your artistic tastes, there’s something for everyone. With poetry and film to visual art and dj sets, you’ll find yourself entertained, inspired, and full of pride. Speaking of line up, check out the performers below: 

DJ Cocteautwinks (aka Mino Sanchez) bringing reverence and nostalgia for 1990s style and queer/alternative perspectives with dj sets, animation, and other media. 


Niña Dioz dropping bars and empowering women and marginalized people everywhere with rap. 


féi hernandez providing poetry, spoken word, and storytelling to uplift, heal and inspire. 


Xandra Ibarra highlighting queerness, gender and race in visual art. 


Rubby using everything from dembow, pop, and techno music to queer up music and deconstruct masculinity. 


Mariachi Arcoiris de Los Angeles expanding mariachi music and making it inclusive of queer and trans folks.

You can learn more about the event and the performers here. Take the weekend to celebrate queer Latinx artist and make sure to do so all year round. Also, remember that Pride month is for everyone.

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