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Ruby Rose Might Be Writing an Explosive Tell-All

Five years after her breakup with The Veronicas’ Jessica Origliasso, Australian actor Ruby Rose says she’s ready to reveal her side of their infamous falling out. What she is writing—the Orange is the New Black star teases—will “piss a lot of people off,” and “the sisters” are first on the list.

Rose made the announcement on a recent Instagram story, promising followers that she is going to expose “the truth” with a new writing project. “It will piss a lot of people off,” she continued, “but maybe you should have been better? Excited to be free. Excited to tell the truth.”

She then referenced her feud with The Veronicas, a pop band by twin sisters Lisa and Jessica Origliasso. “On the sisters?” she wrote. “You’re first. How horrific you were.”

Rose followed up with another cryptic Instagram story, “Imagine mistaking kindness for weakness.”

Rose and Jess dated briefly in 2008 before rekindling their romance in 2016. Although her involvement with The Veronicas started out professional enough, with Rose directing the 2016 single “On Your Side,” tensions grew over the course of the relationship. Jess and Lisa became estranged for an entire year, putting a halt to touring and nearly breaking up the band.

After her split with Rose in 2018, Jess mended the relationship with her twin. At first, she insisted the breakup had been amicable, but the sisters would go on to publicly criticize an unnamed past partner. “Lisa and I didn’t talk for a year,” Jess said in the retrospective series The Veronicas: Blood Is For Life, per 7 News. “I was in a relationship that wasn’t good for me. I became isolated. I had nobody anymore, I only had my relationship.

“Although I have so many regrets in staying as long as I did, and not standing up for myself, I did the most that I could to love that person the best I could.

“I do so much work on the idea of acceptance and forgiveness, and whatever happens from there is that person’s karma. They will continue to manifest what their life is and I will continue to manifest what is for me.”

Lisa said that she was made to be “the enemy,” adding, “When someone goes through the kind of relationship Jess was in, it’s not like one day you wake up OK and you forget all those different things you were made to feel.”

Aside from some clashes on social media, Rose has largely been silent on the details of the falling out. With the announcement of her new writing project, it looks like that’s all about to change.

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