Another DC Superhero Just Came Out as Queer, and You’ll Never Guess Who…

Another classic DC character has come out as queer: African superhero and sometimes model Vixen. She now joins the growing cast of prominent queer DC heroes, including the new Superman, Robin, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

For those unaware, Vixen is an off-and-on Justice League and Suicide Squad member whose possession of the Tantu Totem allows her to channel the powers of any animal past or present. She is currently featured in Harley Quinn: The Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour, the comic book spinoff of HBO Max’s animated series, which is already plenty queer.

Picking up from the end of Harley Quinn Season 2, the comic miniseries chronicles Harley and Ivy’s honeymoon adventures. In issue #4, Vixen is introduced alongside her girlfriend Elle. The two are later shown in the back of a limo, and as Vixen says “Driver, roll up the partition please,” she draws on the power of a giraffe for its extra-long tongue.

Issue #6 gives Ivy an inside look at Vixen and Elle’s apartment, which includes a handicap-accessible elevator (Elle is missing a leg) and a giant walk-in closet full of shoes. Seeing the loving banter between Elle and Vixen makes Ivy yearn for something similar with Harley, once the trio rescues her from supervillain Mephitic.

“The dynamic of their relationship seems so loving, fun, and non-toxic,” thinks Ivy. “And after everything Harley and I have been through… we both need and deserve that. I have to change my ways and open up more.”

When Ivy thanks the couple for agreeing to help her save Harley, Elle responds, “You know us queers got to stick together, Boo.”

Because The Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour is directly tied to the Harley Quinn animated series, chances are high we’ll see more of Vixen and Elle when Season 3 drops this year. In the meantime, check out the comic book miniseries over at DC or through your local comic book store.

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