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This X-Men Pride comic is making the gays feral. Here’s why.

Is it us or is the entire internet gushing over this X-Men comic?

Marvel Entertainment recently announced their latest addition to its Marvel Voices: Pride collection and it as queer as can be. The latest issue brings some of Marvel’s finest for a queer X-Men affair, the marriage of shapeshifting baddie Mystique and future-seeing partner-in-crime Destiny in X-Men: The Wedding Special. The longtime X-Men couple will wed in what looks like a fabulously queer ceremony.

Written by X-Men writer Kieron Gilles, this power couple, Marvel’s first WLW marriage, will finally receive a happy ending. Who says supervillains can’t find love? Like other volumes within Marvel Voices: Pride, X-Men: The Wedding Special will feature additional stories written by LGBTQ+ writers. While the wedding cover is absolutely fabulous, fans can’t get over the variant cover released from the upcoming volume.

Why? Well, with the way the Avengers’ Hercules is holding the X-Men’s Iceman, Mystique and Destiny might not be the only queer power couple featured. 

Created by comic illustrator Russell Dauterman, the cover highlights a plethora of queer Marvel heroes, including Loki, America Chavez, Black Cat, Gwenpool, Web-Weaver, and Runaways Nico Minori and Karolina Dean. But we’re all trying to figure out what’s the deal with the X-Men’s frostiest mutant and the burly Olympian. 

Iceman a.k.a., Bobby Drake is famous for being a cryokinetic mutant within the X-Men. Whereas Hercules boasts the powers of an Olympian god, including superhuman strength, durability, speed, reflexes, stamina and endurance. Both superheroes are incredibly powerful and canonically queer.

Hercules, a perennial member of the Avengers, was once in a relationship with X-Men member Wolverine and it’s strongly implied that he dated Alpha Flight member Northstar. While numerous iterations of iceman have portrayed him as straight, both in the comics, and within the MCU, his latest iteration famously came out as gay, with the help of telepathic mutant Jean Grey. Now, is Hercules boo’d up with another X-Men member?

We don’t know how they defined their relationship, but the internet is here for whatever “situationship” this is. 

X-Men: The Wedding Special drops on May 29.

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