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10 titles we’re excited to see at the 2024 Tribeca Film Festival

New York City’s famed Tribeca Film Festival is almost here and there’s plenty of queer content to check out.

Every year, Tribeca brings filmmakers, writers, actors, video game developers, and content creators to the “Big Apple.” The two-week affair centers the work of emerging and established creatives, behind and in front of the camera. Since its inception in 2002, Tribeca has been seen as a preeminent space to premiere the work of some of the brightest filmmakers in the industry. Now, the festival has expanded to incorporate films, TV shows, immersive events, and video games.

Each year, Tribeca boasts over 600 screenings, hosts thousands of attendees, and gives away a collection of juried competitive awards to independent artists. Celebrating its 22nd year, the 2024 festival lineup brings together an amazing collection of talent, stories, and events – with many of them focused on queer narratives. Here are some of our favorite picks from this year’s LGBTQ+ Tribeca lineup. Check out the rest of the queer offerings in their catalog

All That We Love (Film)

Photo credit: Tribeca Film Festival

Emma (Margaret Cho) is at a crossroads. After the death of her family dog, Emma enters a midlife awakening felt by her daughter Maggie (Alice Lee) and her bestie Stan (Jesse Tyler Ferguson). And if life couldn’t get more complicated, her estranged ex-husband Andy (Kenneth Choi) is back in her life from Singapore looking to rekindle their former relationship.

Black Fruit (TV)

Photo credit: Tribeca Film Festival

When Lalo’s father suddenly passes away, his grief is suppressed by a collection of impulsive decisions. With Germany in the background, Lalo and his best friend Karla strive to figure out who they are as Black, queer, twenty-somethings. But everything comes with limits, as does their adaptability.

The End of the Party (Film Short)

Photo credit: Tribeca Film Festival

More films queer coming-of-age films continue to spill out, and Tribeca is no different. This film short, directed by Kate Sullivan and written by Adriana Santos, centers two teen girls who have never met, until now.

Crossing (Film)

Photo credit: Tribeca Film Festival

Filmmaker Levin Akin takes audiences into the heart of Istanbul with Crossing. The film follows Lia, a former schoolteacher who sets out to fulfilled deceased sister’s final wish – to locate her long lost daughter, Tekla. With the help of Achi, Tekla’s former neighbor who’s down on his luck, the duo travel through Istanbul in search of Lia’s niece, which leads them into the orbit of trans rights lawyer Evirm and the embrace of the local trans community.

Juice (TV)

Photo credit: Tribeca Film Festival

From the mind of British actor and comedian Mawaan Rizwan comes Juice. The show follows Jamma (Rizwan), a man who desperately wants to be the center of attention, but continues to be overshadowed by his family. That all changes when he finally receives validation from his boyfriend Guy (Russell Tovey), sending Gamma’s imagination into overdrive and warping the world around him.

Ripe! (Film Short)

Nothing says “it’s complicated” like breaking your crush’s arm. Directed and written by queer creative duo Tusk and executive produced by soccer star Kelley O’Hara, Ripe! follows a young woman who balances a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend and enjoy summertime in Spain. Things become more complicated when a new face makes her question her relationship and sexuality.

Field Guide to Gay Animals (Film)

Photo credit: Tribeca Film Festival

Animal enthusiasts Owen Ever and Laine Kaplan-Levenson dive into the depths of animal kingdom, exploring sexuality, gender, and joy. The natural world is queer AF and Ever and Kaplan-Levenson’s film proves it.

I Need Your Love (TV)

Photo credit: Tribeca Film Festival

Time to get meta as real-life pop singer Camille Trust (playing herself) strives to make a name for herself in NYC’s music scene. And navigating it isn’t any easier than traversing through heartbreak, self-sabotage, and vengeful Swifties.

Out of the Dark: Cal Calamia (Film Short)

Out of the Dark follows Cal Calamia, a trans marathon runner advocating for inclusion in the world of running. As an educator, poet, activist, and athlete, Calamia’s story and advocacy takes center stage at Tribeca.

Griffin in Summer (Film)

14-year-old Griffin Nafly’s only plan for summer vacation is to work on his dramatic new play. While he develops his work, which is a cross between Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf and American Beauty, he efforts get derailed when his attention goes from theater to zoned-out handyman Brad. With Griffin head-over-heels, his summer becomes one that’s unforgettable.

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