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Celebrate Queer Joy This Pride Month With LGBTQ Movies That End Happily

LGBTQ film representation continues to increase, but we can all agree that it still needs to be better. With better representation also comes a diverse array of queer and trans stories. More often than not, on-screen LGBTQ stories follow trauma, as opposed to highlighting queer and trans joy. Well, this Twitter thread changes that.

This Twitter thread went viral for showing the one thing we all need this Pride month, joy. The Twitter user @followsthebees created a list of LGBTQ films that, although there may be drama, they end happily. 

Our stories vary and deserve to be told, but they’re not just full of tragedy – contrary to what Hollywood may make you believe. Sure, films that focus on the discrimination that our community experiences can be a vehicle for change. But too much of it can just be trauma porn and why inundate us with that when you can also celebrate us just living happy lives?

In a world that continues to be ransacked with dismal moments, holding onto joy is sometimes all that we have. So, to have a list of movies that shows that we, too, can experience a happy ending, it becomes a component of the representation we deserve. 

And @followsthebee started off with 25 suggested films, but with other Twitter users adding their own recommendations, the list continued to expand. That alone should put a smile on your face. Here’s a few to get you started.


Check out all of the movie recommendations here. There’s over 70 to choose from. Watch with joy. 

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