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INTO Chats With ‘Of An Age’ Director Goran Stolevski on New Coming of Age Film

There are people in our lives that stay for a season. Then there are those who stay with us for a lifetime. Of An Age reminds us of this in the most bittersweet way possible and that’s all thanks to filmmaker Goran Stolevski

Of An Age follows Kol (Elias Anton), a Serbian born Australian amateur dancer who navigates 24 hours with Adam (Thom Green), his best friend Ebony’s (Hattie Hook) older brother. One day spent together leads to love and longing that lasts for several years. 

Stolevski’s film expertly cultivates an intimacy between Kol and Adam that’s beautiful and fleeting, while Anton and Green’s chemistry is electric. It’s quite easy to be swept up in Of An Age’s love story, just as much as its main characters do. 

INTO spoke with Stolevski to chat about how he was able to bring his multiple identities into his film, his film’s casting process, and what he hopes for others to take away from his latest film. 

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