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Evil Dead Rise Has the Trans Representation We Needed

Evil Dead Rise released over the weekend to unleash its particular brand of gross-out comedy and jump scares onto a new audience. But queer viewers were treated to an altogether different surprise. The film features the franchise’s first trans character—but more importantly, a trans character playing the gullible idiot in a horror movie.

The fifth cinematic installment of the Evil Dead franchise transports the demons out of the woods and into the city. Evil Dead Rise follows siblings Bridget (Gabrielle Echols), Kassie (Nell Fisher), and Danny—played by out trans actor Morgan Davies—who must battle their mother Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland) when she becomes possessed.

The horrors that ensue are all pretty much Danny’s fault. Early on in the film, the siblings discover a trove of buried artifacts, including phonograph recordings of the “Naturom Demonto.” Despite the obviously sinister nature of the artifacts (the book is bound in skin), Danny, an aspiring DJ, plays the record—no questions asked. In the process, he summons a demon into their apartment building, cursing his entire family.

Queer viewers are living for the chaos of trans stupidity unleashed.


“As a trans woman, i can attest evil dead rise was realistic: the annoying trans brother would absolutely fuck everyone over,” wrote one viewer. “It’s giving cis, and that’s gender affirming, so go forth, brother.”

Not only does the trans character get to play the horror movie moron, the film also does not make a big deal over Danny’s gender identity. He is incorporated into the script like any other character, and in the lead up to the release, the studio did not make a big to-do out of casting a trans actor.

While horror movies like Psycho, Sleepaway Camp, and Silence of the Lambs  have long had a messy history with trans representation, Evil Dead Rise offers a refreshing take on trans characters. It shows that there are more options beyond hero, tragic victim, or perverted villain—trans characters can also just be dumb. Here’s hoping Danny is the first in a wave of trans himbos to come.

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