You Were Robbed!

Here are the most shocked, silly, and hilarious reactions to the 2024 Oscar nominations

The Oscar nominations have arrived, and as is the case each and every year, they’re completely stupid and depressing. Did the good movies get nominated? No! Did the good actors, directors, and scripts get nominated? Of course not! They never have! Not once in the Academy’s long history! A history that includes Crash (2004) and The Green Book (2018) among its Best Picture winners! But we all have to pretend to be shocked and surprised because oh boy, a movie that everyone loved got SNUBBED? Why never in my LIFE! Why I could never have PREDICTED such a TURN of EVENTS!

Anyway, here’s everyone’s reactions to Todd Haynes’ May/December only getting a screenwriting nod:

May/December was WRONGED!

We shan’t forget!


Now let’s pour one out for the actors and directors who were snubbed. Both Gretas, we are looking at you!

Charles Melton, you were ROBBED!

We know the real reason…

What kind of a world is this?!

This is an insult to women everywhere!

Now let’s turn our focus to an even greater tragedy: The Iron Claw snubs.

And of course we can’t forget the pinch hitters, the ones we would never have seen coming, and never expected to see coming.

Well, there’s always next year…?

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